19 African Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

For a girl, the most important thing is beautiful and pretty. Here comes 19 girl names of African origin, and all these names have the meaning or annotations of beautiful and pretty. They make perfect unique pretty girl names for your little baby girls.

Adamma: Beautiful girl.

Akila: Most beautiful.
Ammara: Ahmaric name means "becomes beautiful."
Angana: Shona name means "beauty woman."
Isabis: Something beautiful.
Jamelia: Beautiful.
Jamilah: Beautiful.
Jamilia: Beautiful.
Jamilla: Beautiful.
Jamille: Beautiful.
Jemila: Beautiful.
Kanya: Hausa name means "beautiful ebony."
Lewa: Yoruba name means "pretty, beautiful."
Liwa: Yoruba name means "pretty, beautiful."
Odara: Beautiful woman.
Shakina: Beautiful one.
Wazzala: Amharic name means "beautiful and elegant."
Wuba: Amharic name means "I saw beauty."
Zene: Beautiful.

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