Adored Baby Names, Names Inspired By Love And Worship

Adored Baby NamesWe adore our newborn baby boys or girls, and they are so charming, delightful, and lovely. Here comes our collection of adored baby names, all of these names have the meaning or annotations of adore, love, and worship. They make perfect names for your charming boys or girls. Just check out the below list and do not hesitate to choose your favorite names.

Baby NameMeaningGender
Abida"She Who Worships"; Also A Hebrew Name Meaning "My Father Knows."Female
AccalonLover Of Margan Le Fay (Fifteenth Century)Male
AcisMyth Name (Lover Of Galatea)Male
AdeleGood Humor: Of The Nobility. Noble.Female
AdofoAkan Of Ghana Name Meaning "One Who Loves."Male
AdonisGod Of Peace And Love.Male
AdoraChamoru Spanish, "Adore."Female
Agapi"Love; Affection." Variants Include Agape, Agappe.Female
AhavaDearly LovedFemale
AhaveDearly LovedFemale
AhudaDearly LovedFemale
AhuvaDearly LovedFemale
AiBeloved, GentleFemale
AikoLittle Love; BelovedFemale
AimeeDearly Loved Variant Of Amy.Female
AlcinaMyth Name Of A Sorceress Who When Tired Of Her Lovers Would Turn Them Into Trees, Stones Or Animals.Also Feminine Form Ofalcinous (King Who Entertained Odysseus). Variants Include Alcine, Alcinia, Allcine, Allcinia, Alseena, Alsina, Alsinia, Alsyna, AlzinFemale
Aleiah"Flower, The Love Of The Outside.. My Granddaughter"Female
AmadeoLoves GodMale
AmadoLoves GodMale
AmalaBird: Beloved.Female
AmandaWorthy Of Being Loved. Literary: Poets And Playwrights Brought This Name Into Popular Usage In The Seventeenth Century.Female

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