Andorran Baby Names, Top Names In Andorra

Andorran Baby NamesThe most popular boy names in Andorra are Bengy, Mario, Alexander, Pedro, Simula, and Vincent. Marta, Grace, Natalia, Ines, and Jessica are the top Andorran girl names. If you are looking for some names for babies of Andorran descent, check out our collection of Andorran baby names. These names come from Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, and French language, and they make perfect names for your boys or girls of Andorran descent.

Baby NameMeaningGender
Agnes"Pure; Virginal." Variants Include Ag, Agafi, Agafia, Agafon, Aggi, Aggie, Aggye, Aghna, Agi, Agie, Agna, Agnah, Agnek, Agnella, Agnellah, Agnelle, Agnese, Agnesse, Agneta, Agnetta, Agnettah, Agnola, Agnolah, Agot, Agota, Agote, Agoti, Agy, AgyeFemale
AgustinMajestic Dignity: Grandeur.Male
AilaFrom The Strong PlaceFemale
Aina"Forever." Also Nigerian Name Meaning "Difficult Birth."Female
AlexAbbreviation Of Alexander. Defender Of Man.Male
AlexanderDefender Of ManMale
AlexandreNephew Of King Mark (Twelfth Century)Male
Alida"Small Winged One." Variants Include Adela, Adelina, Adelita, Adellyna, Adellyta, Adelyna, Adelyta, Alaida, Alda, Aldina, Aldine, Aldona, Aldonna, Aldyne, Aleda, Aleta, Aletta, Alette, Alidah, Alidia, Alita, Allda, Alldina, Alldine, Alldona, AlFemale
AmandaWorthy Of Being Loved. Literary: Poets And Playwrights Brought This Name Into Popular Usage In The Seventeenth Century.Female
AndreuAlternate Spelling: Andrew.Male
AnissaVariant Of Anne Or Agnes.Female
AnnaArthur's SisterFemale
AriadnaDaughter Of MinosFemale
ArturStrong As A BearMale
AustinVariant Of Augustine.Male
BlancaWhite: Shining. A Variant Of The French Blanche.Female
BrendaLittle Raven Or Beacon On The Hill. Feminine Of Brendan.Female

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