Aaron: Meaning of baby name Aaron

Pronunciation: [Aa-ron]

Gender of Aaron: Male

Meaning of Aaron: High Mountain

Origin of Aaron: Hebrew

Variant Forms:

AriLion Of GodMaleHebrew
HarounArabic Form Of Aaron, "Superior, Exalted."MaleArabic
RonMeaning UnknownMaleArthurian
RonnieRules With Counsel. Form Of Ronald From Reynold.MaleEnglish
RonnyRules With Counsel. Form Of Ronald From Reynold.MaleEnglish

Famous People Named Aaron:

Hank Aaron is a retired American Major League Baseball player, hailed as one of the greatest personalities in the sport.

Aaron Yoo is a cinematographer and actor of Korean origin, who was born and raised in the United States of America.

Aaron Stanford is better known as the X-Men actor.

Aaron Spelling was an American producer, writer and actor, best known as the successful producer of dramatic series and made-for-television films.

Aaron Sorkin is a playwright, producer, and screenwriter of American origin.

Aaron Siskind was an American photographer, who was considered to be involved with abstract expressionist movement.

Aaron Neville is an American soul and R&B singer.

Aaron McGruder The comic strip, Boondocks, has been created by Aaron McGruder.

Aaron Klug was a chemist and biophysicist, won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Aaron Jean-Marie Lustiger was a French cardinal who had served as the Archbishop of Paris.

Aaron Funk is a Canadian electronic musician who has released a number of albums.

Aaron Eckhart played the lead role in the movie, “Thank You for smoking”.

Aaron Copland was one of the most prominent figures in music in the twentieth century.

Aaron Carter is a famous pop and hip hop singer.

Aaron Burr was the 3rd Vice President of United States.

Aaron Brown is the man who covered the 9/11 terrorist attacks in US.

Aaron Allston was an American game designer, who also authored many novels of the science fiction genre, such as Star Wars.

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