Aisha: Meaning of baby name Aisha

Pronunciation: [Ai-ee-sha]

Gender of Aisha: Female

Meaning of Aisha: These Swahili And Arabic Female Names Mean "Woman, Life, Alive" And Refer To The Muslim Prophet Muhammed's Favored Wife. See Aisha Under The Arabic Category For More Variants.

Origin of Aisha: African

Alive and well. Aisha was a wife of the prophet Muhammad. The name is also linked to the moon goddess.

Variant Forms:

AsiaLively: The Rising Sun. The Name Of The Continent Used As A Given Name. According To The Koran The Pharaoh's Wife Asia Raised The Infant Moses. A Variant Of Aisha: LifeFemaleArabic
AyeshaWoman. Life. Aisha Was The Name Of The Favorite Wife Of The Prophet Mohammed.FemaleArabic

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