Alanna: Meaning of baby name Alanna

Pronunciation: [A-la-nna]

Gender of Alanna: Female

Meaning of Alanna: "Rock" Or "Comely; Beautiful." Also Possibly A Derivative Of Old French Elaine (Bright; Shining) Or Greek Helen (Light). Variants Include Alain, Alaina, Alaine, Alana, Alane, Alannah, Alayne, Alene, Aleyna, Aleyne, Alina, Alleen, Allen

Origin of Alanna: Gaelic

Variant Forms:

AlaniDear Child.FemaleIrish

Famous People Named Alanna:

Alannah Myles is a famous singer and lyricist hailing from Canada and is known for her chartbusters songs like ‘Black Velvet’ and ‘Rockinghorse’.

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