Jackson: Meaning of baby name Jackson

Pronunciation: [Jac-kson]

Gender of Jackson: Male

Meaning of Jackson: Son Of Jack

Origin of Jackson: English

God has been gracious. Also the capital and since 1944 the largest city of the state of Mississippi.

Variant Forms:

JackReplace (Derivative Of James)MaleEnglish
JackieGod Has Been Gracious: Has Shown Favor. Based On John Or Jacques. Used More For Girls Than Boys.MaleEnglish
JackyGod Has Been Gracious: Has Shown Favor. Based On John Or Jacques.MaleScottish
JaxMasculine Form Of The Greek Name Hyacinth Alas.MaleSpanish

Famous People Named Jackson:

Samuel L. Jackson is a famous film and television actor.

Phil Jackson is a former American basketball player and a world-renowned basketball coach.

Peter Jackson is best known as the director of the film adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

Michael Jackson created history in the world of music with his chartbuster albums.

Jesse Jackson is an American civil rights activist.

Jackson Browne is an acclaimed American musician, songwriter and environmental activist.

George Jackson was an African-American revolutionary, left-wing activist and Marxist.

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of United States and the first one to be elected from the Democratic Party.

Alan Jackson is an American musician, songwriter, and singer.

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