The Most Common City Baby Names in U.S.

Naming your babies after cities is actually quite popular. Many parents choose place names as baby names to celebrate baby's born place, or the couple met, married, and fell in love. The place is special to the family and they know what the place means to the family. If you like city-inspired baby names, you could name your boys or girls after those common city names. If your family has been to the place or you have story with the city, it will be great options.

1. Alexandria

2. Aurora
3. Austin
4. Boston
5. Campbell
6. Carolina
7. Chandler
8. Charlotte
9. Cheyenne
10. Cody
11. Dakota
12. Dallas
13. Dayton
14. Easton
15. Elizabeth
16. Eugene
17. Frederick
18. Gilbert
19. Helena
20. Houston

21. Jackson
22. Kingston
23. Lawrence
24. Lincoln
25. Logan
26. London
27. Madison
28. Mason
29. Memphis
30. Mitchell
31. Orlando
32. Phoenix
33. Savannah
34. Trenton
35. Warren

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