Bird Baby Names, Names Inspired By Bird

Bird Baby NamesNature is great source for baby names, and there are lots of cool categories have been popular for baby names, for instance bird baby names. Some of the baby names inspired by beautiful birds have been popular baby names for years, such as Birdie, Raven, and Wren. If you like bird-themed baby names, you could check out our collection of bird baby names for your beloved boys or girls. Just feel free to choose your favorite baby name from the below list and enjoy!

Baby NameMeaningGender
AdlerAn Eagle.Male
AkilinaGreek/Russian Name Meaning " Eagle." Variants Include Acquilina, Aquilina, Aquiline.Female
AltairaBird. High-Flying. In Astronomy Altair Is A Star Of The First Magnitude.Female
AmalBird; Hopes; AspirationsFemale
AmalaBird: Beloved.Female
AnnaArthur's SisterFemale
AquilinaAn Eagle: Sharp-Eyed.Female
AriLion Of GodMale
ArletteAn OathFemale
ArleyFrom The Hare's MeadowMale
ArnaldaEagle, StrongFemale
ArnettLittle EagleMale
ArnoLittle EagleMale
ArnoldThe Eagle Rules.Male
ArthurNoble: Courageous. Legendary Sixth Century King Arthur Of Britain And His Round Table Of Knights.Male
ArundelFrom The Eagle's DellMale
AvaVariant Of Medieval Given Names Avis And AvelineFemale

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