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Baby NameMeaningGender
RoaldFamous LeaderMale
RomeoFrom RomeMale
RykerFast StriderMale
SalemPeace. Biblical Name Of Ancient City Later Identified With Jerusalem.Male
SandraProtector Of ManFemale
SandyAbbreviation Of Alexander Defender Of Man.Male
SavannahFrom The Open PlainFemale
SawyerCuts TimberMale
SerenityPeaceful DispositionFemale
ShannonLittle Old Wise OneMale
TamaraPalm TreeFemale
TaraIrish/Gaelic Name Meaning "Rocky Hill," Or "From The Crag Of A Tower."Variants Include Tarah, Tarra, And Tarrah.Female
TatumBrings JoyFemale
ThisbeMyth Name (Lover Of Pyramus)Female
TressaVariant Of Theresa.Female
TrevanFair Town. Abbreviation Of Trevelyan.Male
Trystan"Calmitous, From An Ancient Celtic Prince. Variant Of Tristan."Male
Tylar"Industrious. Maker Of Tiles, Can Be Masculine Or Feminine."Male

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