Cute Girl Names End in I, Girl Names Ending With I

Cute Girl Names End in ISome people have the naming traditions, they always name girls with names ending in I. If you have the same tradition, you could consider our selection of cute girl names ending with the letter I. Girl names ending in I are cute and adorable, many people like the names such as Jaci, Naomi, Demi, and Heidi. If you like girl names of this style, check out the below list and select your favorite names for your beloved girls.

Baby NameMeaningGender
AddieVariant Of Adela.Female
AiBeloved, GentleFemale
AlaniDear Child.Female
AlexiHelper: Defender. Variation Of Alexander.Female
AliThe Highest; The Greatest; NobleMale
AlliGreatest. A Variant Of Allah - The Supreme Being In The Muslim Faith.Female
AmaniWishes; AspirationsFemale
AmariYoruba Of Nigeria Name Meaning "Strength, Builder."Male
AmiDearly LovedFemale
AriLion Of GodMale
ArmaniDerivative Of IMANI, Meaning "Faith."Female
AudriNobility: Strength.Female
AviviInnocent: Springtime.Female
BeckiAbbreviation Of Rebecca.Female
BettiDevoted To GodFemale
BonniFrom The French Bon Meaning Good. In Scottish Usage Bonnie Means Pretty Or Charming.Female
BrandiVariation Of The Beverage Brandy Used As A Given Name.Female
BrittaniOriginally The Ancient Duchy Of Bretagne In France. Celtic Bretons Emigrated From France To Become The Bretons Of England.Female
CadiVariant Of Cady Meaning A Rhythmic Flow Of Sounds.Female

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