Flower Baby Names, Page 7

Baby NameMeaningGender
FraserStrawberry Flowers: Of The Forest Men. A Major Scottish Clan.Male
GardeniaThe Flower.Female
GarlandCrowned With FlowersFemale
GingerPep: Liveliness The Pungent Ginger Root Is Used As A Spice. Nickname For Virginia.Female
GinnyAbbreviation Of Virginia.Female
GracielaTaken From GraceFemale
GwriOf The Golden HairMale
HadleyFrom The Heath-Covered MeadowMale
HanaFlower; BlossomFemale
HazelThe Hazel Tree:Nut.Female
HeathUntended Land Where Flowering Shrubs Grow. Surname And Place-Name.Male
HeatherA Flowering Evergreen Plant That Thrives On Peaty Barren Lands As In Scotland. HeatherFemale
HoaA Type Of Flower (Pronounced HWA)Female
HollieThe Holly Tree. Common Name Given Christmas Girl Babies.Female
HollisLives By The Holly TreesMale
HueLily Flower; Intelligence; Mental Brilliance; EnlightenmentFemale
HuongFragrance, Perfume; Rose Flower Or Pink Color; Enjoy.Female

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