French Baby Names, Page 10

Baby NameMeaningGender
MusettaA SongFemale
NadeenVariant Of Nadia.Female
NadiaThe Beginning; FirstFemale
NicholasPeople's VictoryMale
NickiAbbreviation Of Nicole. Victory.Female
NickyAbbreviation Of Nicholas. Mythological Nike Was Greek Goddess Of Victory And Root Origin Of Nicholas.Male
NicoleVictory Of The People.Female
NicolettePeople's VictoryFemale
NicolleVictory Of The People.Female
NoeRest:Consolation. Form Of Noah.Male
NoelleBirthday. Feminine Of Noel. Commonly Refers To Christ's Birth And Christmas Festival.Female
NormanFrom The NorthMale
NorvilleFrom The North StateMale
NouelA KernelMale
NycoleSame As Nicole Or NicholeFemale
OdeletteLittle SpringFemale
OlivierFrom The Olive TreeMale
OnfroiPeaceful HunMale
OrvaSpear FriendFemale

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