Fruit Girl Names

Baby NameMeaningGender
AgaveMyth Name (Mother Pentheus), "Illustrious; Noble."Female
AnnaArthur's SisterFemale
AthertonLives At The Spring FarmMale
Aurora"Dawn." According To Ancient Greek Mythology, Aurora Is The Goddess Of The Dawn. Aurora Was Mother Of Memnon, King Of Aethiopia, Whose African Troops Came To The Aid Of The Trojans At Troy.She Is Also Known As EOS.Female
AvalonArthur's Burial PlaceFemale
BananDelicate, Finger TipsFemale
BelFair: Lovely One.Female
BillieNickname For William Resolute Protector - Often Used As An Independent Name.Male
BurbankLives On The Castle's HillMale
CarmeloFruitful Orchard. Refers To Mount Carmel In Palestine.Male
CarmenSong. Variant Of Carmel - Fruitful Orchard As Mount Carmel In Palestine.Female
CarmineVine DresserMale
CeriseCherry: Cherry Red.Female
ChayaAbbreviation For People With Names Ending In -Ario.Female
CheAbbreviation Of Jose: Latin-American Revolutionary Che Guevara.Male
CherriThe Fruit-Bearing Cherry Tree.Female
CherrieThe Fruit-Bearing Cherry Tree.Female

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