German Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
DavidDearly LovedMale
DedricGifted Ruler. Variant Of Diederick.Male
DennisNamed For Saint DenysMale
DericaGifted Ruler. Modern Feminine Of Derek.Female
DieterGifted Ruler. Variant Of Diederick.Male
DietrichPeople's RulerMale
DustinA Fighter. Actor Dustin Hoffman.Male
EdelinaSpoils Of War.Female
EldaWise Or Prudent AdvisorFemale
ElleryLives By The Alder TreeMale
ElsbethVariant Of Elisabeth.Female
ElviraTruth. White Or BeautifulFemale
EmmaWhole: Complete. UniversalFemale
EmmettMale Variant Of Emma: A Premedieval Girl's Given Name.Male
EmoryJoint RulerMale
ErichGerman Form Of Eric (Forever Strong)Male
ErnestoSerious ESTEMale
EverettHardy: Brave. Variant Of Everard.Male
FaberDerived From The Roman Clan Name Fabius: A Name Given Several Roman Emperors And 16 Saints.Male

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