Goddess Baby Names, Page 10

Baby NameMeaningGender
GwendolenArthur's WifeFemale
EponaMeaning UnknownFemale
HannaArabic Form Of John (Gracious God)Male
HansGod's GiftMale
HanselGift From GodMale
HaritiMyth Name (Goddess Of Smallpox)Female
HarmoniaMyth Name (Daughter Of Ares)Female
HarmonyHave Peace.Female
HathorMyth Name (Goddess Of Destruction)Female
HebeMyth Name (Goddess Of Youthful Beauty)Female
HecateGreek Goddess Of Fertility Who Later Became Associated With Persephone As Goddess Of The Underworld And Protector Of WitchesFemale
HeliceFrom HeliconFemale
HeliosMyth Name (God Of The Sun)Male
HemeraMyth Name (Day)Female
HephaestusMyth Name (God Of The Crafts)Male
HeraMyth Name (Wife Of Zeus)Female
HerculesMyth Name (Son Of Zeus)Male
HermesMyth Name (Messenger Of The Gods)Male
HerneMyth Name (A Hunter God)Male
HerthaOf The EarthFemale
HestiaMyth Name (Goddess Of Hearth And Home)Female
HorusMyth Name (God Of The Sky)Male
HovanGod's GiftMale

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