Musician Baby Names, Page 7

Baby NameMeaningGender
FernandoAdventurer. See Also Hernando. Ferdinand: (Spanish/German) Adventurer.Male
FionaWhite Or ComelyFemale
FrankFree: A Free Man. See Also Francisco.Male
FrankieDiminutive Of Frank Free: A Free Man. Frankie Is Occasionally Used For Girls.Male
FrederickPeaceful Ruler.Male
GabrielGod Is My StrengthMale
GabriellaFeminine Form Of Gabriele (God-Given Strength)Female
GarciaBrave In BattleMale
GarlandCrowned With FlowersFemale
GeneAbbreviation Of Eugene Wellborn.Male
GenesisOrigin: Birth. Genisis Is The Name Of The First Book In The Bible. Genisia - The Virgin Mary Of Turin - Is A Protectress Invoked Against Drought In Catholic Tradition.Female
GeorgiaFarmer. Feminine Of George.Female
GeriModern Form Of Gerry.Female
GillespieGaelic Name Meaning "Son Of The Bishop's Servant."Male
GillianVariant Of Juliana.Female
GrahamFrom The Great Meadow Farm Home. Surname.Male
GuthrieGaelic Name Meaning "Windy Spot."Variant, Guthry Exists. HALEYMale
GwenMythical Son Of GwastadMale
HallFrom The ManorMale
HarlowFrom The Hare's HillMale
HarmonyHave Peace.Female

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