Poetic Baby Names, Page 10

Baby NameMeaningGender
DenisNamed For Saint DenysMale
DennisNamed For Saint DenysMale
DervlaTrue DesireFemale
DesmondFrom South MunsterMale
DestinyCertain Fortune: Fate. The Mythological Greek God Of Fate.Female
DevAbbreviation Of Names Beginning With Dev-.Male
DevanVariant Of The English County Name Devon.Male
DevanieDark-Haired. PoetFemale
DevenVariant Of The English County Name Devon.Male
DevonThe Name Of A Beautiful Farming County In England.Female
DevonaDivine OneFemale
DevonnVariant Of The English County Name Devon.Male
DianeDivine. Mythological Ancient Roman Divinity Diana Was Noted For Beauty And Swiftness: Often Depicted As A Huntress. Greek Goddess Of The Moon. Also Diana Princess Of Wales.Female
DionAbbreviation Of Dionysius.Male
Don"Mother Goddess."Female
DonneForm Of Donn. In Mythology The Irish Donn Was Known As King Of The Underworld.Male
DorindaBeautiful GiftFemale
DorothyA VisionFemale

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