Popular Girl Baby Names, Page 5

Baby NameMeaningGender
LillianVariant Of Lillian Derived From The Flower Name Lily. Symbol Of Innocence: Purity: Beauty.Female
LillyThe Flower Lily Is A Symbol Of Innocence: Purity And Beauty.Female
LinneaName Of A Flower.Female
LolaFeminine Form Of Carlos Manly: Abbreviation Of Dolores Full Of Sorrows.Female
LucyLight: Illumination.Female
MackenzieChild Of The Wise LeaderFemale
MaddisonVariant Of Matthew. Special One. Sincerety.Female
MadelineWoman From Magdala. Variant Of Madeleine. Madeleine: (English/French) Woman From Magdala.Female
MaisieScottish Form Of Margaret PearlFemale
MaisyPearl. Variant Of Margaret.Female
MarloweVariant Of Marlene Woman From Magdala.Female
MatildaMother Of MerlinFemale
MayaAbbreviation Of Amalia: Variant Of Maia.Female
Megan"Strong And Capable." Variant, Meghan, Exists.Female
MelissaMeaning UnknownFemale
MelodyVariant Of Melodie.Female
MichelleFeminine Of Michael Gift From God.Female
MikaylaFeminine Of Michael Gift From God.Female

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