Scottish Baby Names, Page 7

Baby NameMeaningGender
IanGift From God Form Of John.Male
IsoldeLover Of TristanFemale
JackReplace (Derivative Of James)Male
JakeAbbreviation Of Jacob.Male
JameyPet Form Of James Used As A Woman's Name.Female
JamiePet Form Of James Used As A Woman's Name.Female
JayVariant Of Names Like Jason And Jacob.Male
JeanGift From GodMale
JeanaVariant Of John.Female
JeanieVariant Of John.Female
JeanineDiminutive Form Of Jane Or Jeanne.Female
JeanneFeminine Form Of Jean (God's Gift)Female
JennaModern Variant Of Jenny And Jennifer.Female
JenniferWhite WaveFemale
JennyDiminutive Of Jane And Jennifer.Female
JensineGod Has BlessedFemale
JinnyVariation Of Jenny Which Is A Diminutive Of Jane And Jennifer.Female
JoeAbbreviation Of Joseph.Male
JonathanGift From GodMale
JordanFlowing DownMale
JosephGod Will MultiplyMale

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