Spanish Baby Names, Page 2

Baby NameMeaningGender
BembeSpanish Form Of Barnaby - ProphetMale
BenicioBenevolent One.Male
BertinVariant Of Bert - Industrious.Male
BonitaPretty Little One.Female
BuintonBorn FifthMale
CatalinForm Of Katherine (Pure)Female
CatalinaPure IZABELFemale
CedroAbbreviation Of Isadoro Strong Gift.Male
ChalinaForm Of Rosa.Female
CharroNickname For A Cowboy Particularly In Argentina.Male
CheAbbreviation Of Jose: Latin-American Revolutionary Che Guevara.Male
ChiquitaPet Name Meaning Little Girl.Female
CidroAbbreviation Of Isadoro Strong Gift.Male
CiscoDiminutive Of Francisco.Male
ClodoveoFamous WarriorMale
CocoA Pet Name.Female
CortezCourteous. Variant Of Curtis. The Spanish Explorer And Adventurer Cortez Conquered The Aztec Civilization Of Mexico With Only A Small Expeditionary Force.Male
DaceyOf The Nobility.Male

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