Spring Baby Names, Page 2

Baby NameMeaningGender
BarricGrain Farm.Male
BeresfordFrom The Barley FordMale
BernadetteHas The Courage Of A BearFemale
BerylA Gemstone Of Varying Colors: Often Yellow-Green. In The Bible The Eighth Foundation Stone Of The Wall Of New Jerusalem Was Beryl.Female
BlakeDark: Dark-Haired. Can Also Mean The Reverse -Fair: Pale. BlakemanMale
BlanchefleurWhite FlowerFemale
BosworthLives At The Cattle EnclosureMale
BradwellFrom The Broad SpringMale
BrandonFrom The Beacon HillMale
BreezyFrom Briseis The Woman Achilles Loved In Homer's Iliad.Female
BrigantiaYorkshire GoddessFemale
BromleyFrom The Broom-Covered MeadowMale
BrookeLives By The StreamMale
BrooksSon Of BrookeMale
BryonyThe Name Of A Flowering Vine Used In Folk Medicine.Female
BudBrother. Nickname Used Since Medieval Times.Male
BurbankLives On The Castle's HillMale
BurnettMeaning UnknownMale

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