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Baby NameMeaningGender
KerryDusky: Dark.Female
KimGold, GoldenFemale
KiraDark Lady.Female
KittyVariant Of Katherine. Pure.Female
KurtHonest AdvisorMale
KylieBoomerang. Feminine Form Of Kyle.Female
KyraEnthroned. Variant Of Cyra: (Moon): Feminine Of Cyrus: (Sun).Female
LaneFrom The Long MeadowMale
LaraProtection. Popular Surname And Place Name.Female
LeeUnisexual Name Meaning "Plum"Female
LeighMeadow. Surname Or Given Name.Female
Leilani"Heavenly Flower, Heavenly Child"Male
LilahFeminine Of Lyle From The Island. Variant Of Delilah.Female
LillyThe Flower Lily Is A Symbol Of Innocence: Purity And Beauty.Female
LisaDevoted To GodFemale
LizAbbreviation Of Elizabeth And Eliza.Female
LizaDevoted To GodFemale
LolaFeminine Form Of Carlos Manly: Abbreviation Of Dolores Full Of Sorrows.Female
LorraineMade Famous In BattleFemale

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