200 Angelic Baby Names After Those Spiritual Angels

Angels are spiritual beings that are thought of messengers of God, and they often protect and guide human beings. They are often portrayed clothed in white with beautiful wings and a halo.

Angelic baby names are as unique and beautiful as they are meaningful. If you are searching for a spiritual or unique baby name, you will love our list of unique and wonderful names. This great list contains names that mean angel and names of specific angels and famous fictional angels in movies and TV shows.

Baby Names That Mean Angel

These cute baby names are unique and lovely, and they also have the meaning of "angel". If you like short baby names considering Angel, Erela, and Faida. For unique baby names considering Angelique, Angelina, Engelbert and Malayeka.

Aingeal: Irish girl name for "angel"

Angel: Unsex baby name for "messenger of god".
Angela: Greek girl name for "angel".
Angele: Greek girl name for "angel".
Angelee: Greek girl name for "angel".
Angelette: French girl name for "little angel".
Angelica: Latin girl name for "angelic"
Angelina: Greek girl name for "angel".
Angelique: French girl name for "like an angel".
Angelisa: Greek or Latin girl name for "angel".
Angelo: Italian boy name for "from the angel".
Engelbert: German boy name for "bright as an angel".
Erela: Hebrew girl name for "angel".
Erelah: Hebrew girl name for "angel".
Evangeline: Greek girl name for "bringer of good news".
Faida: Icelandic girl name for" wings that are folded".
Malayeka: Arabic girl name for "angel".
Serafim: Hebrew boy name for "an angel-like being".
Seraphina: Hebrew girl name for "fiery-winged".

List of Angels in Theology

These traditional angels are otherworldly, and they are collected from different angelic sources such as Biblical, history, lore, religions, legends, and myths. You could match the angel name with an attribute you would like for your child.

Abdiel: Angel of faith.

Adnachiel: Angel of independence.
Afriel: Angel of youth.
Ambriel: Angel of communications.
Amitiel: Angel of truth.
Anael: Angel of romantic love.
Anahita: Angel of fertility.
Anauel: Angel of prosperity.
Ananchel: Angel of grace.
Ariel: Angel of nature.
Armaita: Angel of truth.
Asmodel: Angel of patience.
Baglis: Angel of moderation.
Balthial: Angel of forgiveness.
Barakiel: Angel of good fortune.
Barbelo: Angel of goodness.
Barchiel: Angel of compassion.
Bath Kol: Angel of prophecy.
Camael: Angel of joy.
Cassiel: Angel of temperance.
Cathetel: Angel of nature.
Chamuel: Angel of tolerance or love.
Charmeine: Angel of harmony.
Charoum: Angel of silence.
Cherubim: Angel of wisdom.
Colopatiron: Angel of liberation.
Dina: Angel of learning.
Ecanus: Angel of writers.
Elemiah: Angel of inward journeys.
Elijah: Angel of innocence.
Forfax: Angel of astronomy.
Gabriel: Angel of messenger.
Galgaliel: Angel of vibration.
Gavreel: Angel of peace.
Gazardiel: Angel of new beginnings.
Haamiah: Angel of integrity.
Hadraniel: Angel of love.
Hael: Angel of kindness.
Hamael: Angel of dignity.
Hamaliel: Angel of logic.
Hamied: Angel of miracles.
Haniel: Angel of harmonious Love.
Harahel: Angel of knowledge.
Hayyel: Angel of wild animals.
Iahhel: Angel of meditation.
Iofiel: Angel of beauty.
Isda: Angel of nourishment.
Israfel: Angel of song.
Jamaerah: Angel of manifestation.
Jehoel: Angel of presence.
Jophiel: Angel of creative power.
Kaeylarae: Angel of peace.
Kakabel: Angel of moon.
Kutiel: Angel of water.
Lailah: Angel of conception.
Liwet: Angel of inventions.
Maion: Angel of self-discipline.
Malahidael: Angel of courage.
Manakel: Angel of oceans.
Melchizedek: Angel of peace.
Metatron: Angel of thought.
Micah: Angel of divine plan.
Michael: Angel of miracles.
Mihael: Angel of loyalty.
Mihr: Angel of friendship.
Mumiah: Angel of longevity.
Muriel: Angel of emotions.
Nathaniel: Angel of fire.
Nemamiah: Angel of just causes.
Nisroc: Angel of freedom.
Omniel: Angel of oneness.
Ongkanon: Angel of communication.
Ooniemme: Angel of gratitude.
Orifiel: Angel of forests.
Paschar: Angel of vision.
Perpetiel: Angel of success.
Qaphsiel: Angel of moon.
Raguel: Angel of Faith.
Rampel: Angel of endurance, strength.
Raphael: Angel of healing, Love, creativity.
Rashnu: Angel of judgment, tolerance.
Raziel: Angel of mysteries, the unknown.
Rehael: Angel of self-respect.
Remliel: Angel of spiritual awakening.
Rhamiel: Angel of empathy, caring.
Sachael: Angel of purity, clarity.
Samandiriel: Angel of imagination, visualization.
Sandalphon: Angel of power.
Sariel: Angel of guidance.
Shekinah: Angel of unity.
Shemael: Angel of gratitude.
Shushienae: Angel of purity.
Sofiel: Angel of nature.
Soqed Hozi: Angel of partnership.
Sraosha: Angel of obedience.
Tabbris: Angel of self-determination.
Taharial: Angel of purification.
Trgiaob: Angel of wild birds.
Uriel: Angel of creativity.
Urim: Angel of light.
Uzziel: Angel of faith.
Valoel: Angel of peace.
Verchiel: Angel of affection.
Vohamanah: Angel of optimism.
Wisdom: Angel of creation.
Xapham: Angel of creation.
Zacharael: Angel of surrender.
Zadkiel: Angel of prayer.
Zagzagel: Angel of wisdom.
Zuphlas: Angel of trees.
Zuriel: Angel of harmony.

List of Fictional Angels

These most beloved fictional characters are angels in Literature, Comics, Video Games, Movies, and TV shows. You could name your little angel after your favorite angelic character from the list.

Malthael: Diablo 2, Video Games.
Mandos: The Master of Death, J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth novels.
Metatron: Supernatural.
Michael: Archangel Michael is a character in the 1996 American fantasy film Michael, and he is a boozing, smoking, slob yet capable of imparting unexpected wisdom.
Monica: Angel character by Roma Downey in the American supernatural drama series Touched by an Angel.
Naomi: Supernatural.
Neruval: Oyarsa or Ruler of the planet Uranus.
Osse: Middle-earth novels.
Pallando: One of the Blue Wizards, Middle-earth novels.
Perelandra: Oyarsa or Ruler of the planet Venus.
Rachel: Supernatural.
Radagast: The Middle-earth franchise by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Raphael: Supernatural.
Raziel: Literature The Mortal Instruments Series Cassandra Clare.
Samandriel: Supernatural.
Saruman: Middle-earth franchise.
Sauron: the Middle-earth franchise by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Seth: City of Angels.
Solaris: Sonic the Hedgehog, 2006.
Tess: A tough, but loving angel character in the American supernatural drama series Touched by an Angel.
Tulkas the Strong: The defeater of Melkor, Middle-earth novels.
Tyrael: Diablo 2, Video Games.
Uinen: Middle-earth novels.
Ulmo: J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth novels.
Ungoliant: Middle-earth novels.
Uriel: Supernatural.
Vaire the Weaver: Wife of Mandos, J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth novels.
Varda: Queen of the Stars in Tolkien's writings.
Viritrilbia: Oyarsa or Ruler of the planet Mercury.
Xaphania: Literature His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman.
Xas: Literature The Vintner's Luck by Elizabeth Knox.
Yavanna Kementari: Queen of the Earth, J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth novels.
Yerzinia: The sister of Satan in G.P. Taylor's novel Wormwood.
Zachariah: Television, Supernatural.
Zauriel: DC Comics.

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