18 Wonderful Unique Baby Names That Mean Bird

Birds have wings and most birds can fly, flight is the primary means of locomotion for most bird species. Flying birds are happy, and they enjoy freedom, they could go anywhere they want to for food or leisure. As the parents we wish our babies live a happy life like birds. When coming up to baby names, you could choose a bird-inspired name for your beloved boy or girl. Here comes our selection of 18 unique baby names that mean bird in various origins and cultures, they make good names for your birdy-like babies.

Aiya: Hebrew name that means bird.

Altaira: Arabic name means bird.
Amala: Arabic name means bird.
Asfour: Arabic baby name that means bird.
Ava: Arabic girl name means bird or fly away.
Aya: Hebrew name means bird.
Byrd: Like a bird.
Cholena: Native American name that means bird.
Fugol: Anglo-Saxon name means bird.
Linette: Anglo-Saxon baby name that means bird.
Lynet: Anglo-Saxon baby name that means bird.
Mochni: Native American baby name that means "talking bird."
Oriel: Russian baby name that means eagle.
Sippora: Hebrew girl name that means bird.
Sisika: Native American name that means bird.
Starling: A pretty small bird name.
Teal: The blue-green patch of coloring on the wing of a specific species of Teal duck called the Cinnamon Teal.
Teela: The bird teal.

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