64 Baby Boy Names Meaning Happiness and Joyful

Being happy is the most important thing for us, so does our newborn babies. Giving your baby a joyful and happiness name will suggest an upbeat personality and a positive future. We have pulled together a collection of happy and joyful baby names in various origins around the world for your baby boys or girls. Check out these wonderful baby names with the meaning happiness, joyful, and cheerful.

Adebayo: Nigerian for "he was happy."

Alhad: Sanskrit for Happiness.
Alitz: Hebrew for Happy.
Anschel: Hebrew for Happy.
Anshel: Variant of Asher, which signifies happiness.
Arnan: Hebrew for Joyful.
Asher: Hebrew for Happiness.
Aykut: Persian for "happy moon."
Ayo: Nigerian for Happiness.
Bliss: Anglo Saxon for Happy.
Blithe: Happy.
Blythe: Anglo Saxon for Happy.
Caio: Welsh for Joy.
Caius: Latin for Rejoice.
Dakarai: Zimbabwean for
Delshad: Persian for "of happy heart."
Eadgar: Being rich or happy.
Edwin: German for "happy friend."
Faine: Happy.
Fane: Happy, joyful.
Farhan: Muslim for "glad, happy and joyful."
Feliciano: Italian for Happy.
Felix: Hebrew for Happy.
Gaius: Latin for Happy.
Gale: Irish for "cheerful, happy."
Gaye: Merry, Happy.
Gil: French for Joy.
Gilon: Hebrew for Joy.
Hani: Muslim for Delighted.
Hitansh: Hindu for "the wish for our happiness."
Isaac: Hebrew for Laughter.
Jaren: Cry of rejoicing.
Jazlaan: Muslim for Joy.
Keyes: Variant of Cauis, which means Rejoice in Hebrew.
Khushnud: Muslim for Happy.
Le: Chinese for Happiness.

Macario: Spanish for Happy.
Marnin: Hebrew for "one who creates joy."
Masos: Hebrew for Happiness.
Naim: Hebrew for "sweetness, pleasantness, my delight."
Nario: Italian for Cheerful.
Nashat: Muslim for Happiness.
Oron: Hebrew for "light, joy."
Osher: Hebrew for "happiness, good fortune."
Ottokar: German for "happy fighter."
Parviz: Persian for "victorious, happy, excellent."
Radimir: Slavic for "famous joy."
Rufaro: Shona name means "happiness, elation."
Sadaat: Arabic for Happiness.
Saidah: African for "happy, fortunate."
Sealey: From the happy meadow.
Shaad: Arabic for "happy and cheerful."
Shadee: Persian for Happiness.
Shadi: Persian for Happiness.
Shahdi: Persian for Happiness.
Simcha: Hebrew for Joy.
Tarub: Arabic for Happy.
Tate: Cheerful.
Tayte: Cheerful.
Vidor: Hungarian for Happy.
Winston: Joyful stone.
Zelig: German for Happy.
Zorian: Originated in Latin-America and signifies happy.
Zorion: Portuguese for "full of joy."

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