128 Baby Girl Names Meaning Happiness and Joyful

Being happy is the most important thing for us, so does our newborn babies. Giving your baby a joyful and happiness name will suggest an upbeat personality and a positive future. We have pulled together a collection of happy and joyful baby names in various origins around the world for your baby boys or girls. Check out these wonderful baby names with the meaning happiness, joyful, and cheerful.

Abigail: Hebrew for "my father is joyful."

Ada: Teutonicfor Happy.
Adabel: Teutonic for "lovely; happy."
Adhelle: Teutonic for "lovely; happy."
Afrah: Muslin for happiness.
Agalia: Greek for Happy.
Aida: Italian for Happy.
Aina: Celtic for Joy.
Alaia: Basque for Happiness.
Aleeza: Hebrew for Joy.
Alisa: Hebrew for "great happiness."
Aliza: Hebrew for Joy.
Allegra: Italian for "cheerful, lively."
Anabel: Gaelic for Joy.
Annabella: Gaelic for Joy.
Anoosheh: Persian for "happy; fortunate"
Arcadia: Greek for "pastoral simplicity and happiness."
Arshika: Hindu for happiness.
Aud: Scandinavian for "riches, prosperity, happiness."
Bachiko: Japanese for "happy child."
Beata: Latin for "happy."
Beatrisa: Spanish for "brings happiness."
Beatrix: She who brings happiness.
Beatriz: Spanish for "brings happiness."
Carol: French for "song of happiness."
Carola: French for "song of happiness."
Carole: French for "song of happiness."
Carolina: French for "song of happiness."
Caroline: French for "song of happiness."
Duscha: Russian for "happy guest."
Eadgyth: Happy warfare.
Edith: Happy warfare.
Falisha: Latin for Happy.
Farah: Persian for Happy.
Farha: Sanskrit for "happiness, joy."
Farheen: Muslim for Jubiliant.
Farkhonda: Persian for "happy; joyous."
Farrah: Arabic for Happy.
Felecia: Latin for Happy.
Feleta: Latin for Happy.
Felice: Latin for Happy.
Felicia: French for "great happiness."
Felicienne: French for "great happiness."
Feliciona: Latin for Happy.
Felicita: Spanish for Happy.
Felicity: Latin for Happiness.
Felisa: Latin for Happy.
Felise: Latin for Happy.
Felisha: Latin for Happy.
Felita: Latin for Happy.
Filicia: French for "great happiness."
Gail: Hebrew for "father rejoiced."
Gaye: Teutonic for Happy.
Geila: Hebrew for Joy.
Gila: Hebrew for "eternal joy."
Gilana: Hebrew for "eternal joy."
Glad: Happy.
Gleda: Happy.
Gwyneth: Happiness.

Halona: Native American for "of happy fortune."
Hani: Arabic for Happy.
Harisha: Indian for "pure happiness."
Harshada: Indian for "one who gives happiness."
Harshini: Hindi for Happy.
Harshita: Hindi for "joyful; one who brings happiness."
Helge: Scandinavian for "blessed, happy."
Hella: Scandinavian for "blessed, happy."
Hilaria: Latin for Happy.
Hillary: Latin for Happy.
Hiolair: Irish for Happy.
Inshirah: Quran for Cheer.
Jacey: Latin for Happy.
Jocelyn: Latin for Happy.
Joie: Variant of Joy.
Joscelin: Latin for Happy.
Jovita: Latin for Happy.
Joy: Latin for "happiness, joy."
Joyce: Latin for Happiness.
Keiko: Japanese for "happy child."
Keisha: Abbreviation of Lakeisha, which means "great joy."
Khushmand: Persian for Happy.
Kiyo: Japanese for "happy generations."
Kiyoko: Japanese for "Child of a happy generation."
Laetitia: Irish for Happy.
Lateisha: Joyful; happy.
Laticia: Joyful; happy.
Latisha: Joyful; happy.
Lavena: Celtic for Joy.
Lecia: Happy.
Leda: Short form of Letitia, which means "joy, happiness."
Leggra: Italian for Joyful.
Leitis: Gaelic for Happy.
Leticia: Spanish for Happy.
Letitia: Latin for Happiness.
Letizia: Italian for Glad.
Lisha: Happy.
Luana: Hawaiian for Happy.
Mab: Irish for Happiness.
Mabbina: Irish for Happiness.
Mavis: French for Joy.
Meadhbh: Irish for Happiness.
Merry: Anglo-Saxon for Happy.
Mi-Hi: Korean for "a combination of beauty and happiness."
Nandana: Sanskrit for "delighful; pleasing."
Nara: Gaelic for Happy.
Oseye: Arabic for Happy.
Pellikita: Latin for Happy.
Phylicia: Greek for Happy.
Rafa: Arabic for Happy.
Rona: Hebrew for "my joy."
Rowena: Germanic for "famous and happy."
Saeedeh: Persian for "happy, lucky, prosperous."
Senay: Persian for "happy moon."
Shadan: Persian for "happy, joyful."
Simcha: Hebrew for Joy.
Soroushi: Persian for Happiness.
Sunny: American for Cheerful.
Taruh: Arabic for Happy.
Tatum: Brings joy.
Tisha: Joyful, happy.
Trix: Latin for "bringer of joy."
Trixie: Latin for "bringer of joy."
Warizah: Muslim for Happiness.
Winifred: Welsh for "joy and peace."
Yamina: Arabic for "to be happy."
Yerchanig: Armenian for Happy.
Yeshna: Hindi for Happiness.
Zvart: Armenian for Happy.

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