The Most Popular Telugu Baby Names For Your Boys Or Girls

Telugu is a Dravidian language native to India. It stands alongside Hindi, English and Bengali as one of the few languages that predominate in more than one Indian state; it is the primary language in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, as well as in the town of Yanam where it is also an official language. Here comes our selection of the most popular Telugu baby names for your little boys or girls.

Telugu Baby Girl Names

Aabharana - The one who is like a jewel.
Aadishri - First, more important.
Aadya - First in anything.
Aahladita - Bubbling with delight.
Aakarsha - Attraction.
Aamuktha - Liberated.
Aarini - Thrill seeking.
Aarti - The highest love for God.
Abhaya - Fearless.
Ahilya - Without any deformation.
Aishwarya - Wealth and prosperity.
Akriti - Shape.
Amoli - Precious.
Amritkala - Nectarine art.
Anandani - Joyful.
Ananya - Extraordinary.
Asha - Hope.
Babita - Little girl.
Bahulaprema - Loved by all.
Balamani - A little jewel.
Bairavi - Music.
Bandhura - Pretty.
Bandita - Blessed.
Bhupali - Earth investor.
Chaarvi - Beautiful girl.
Chhaya - A shadow or reflection.
Chainika - Especially selected or the chosen one.
Chakrika - The goddess of wealth.
Champakavathi - Champak tree.
Chandni - Moonlight.
Charita - Skillful.
Daivi - Pious soul.
Dajshi - Glorious.
Dalaja - Produced from petals.
Daya - Kindness and mercy.
Deepamala - Deepamala.
Dhanishta - A star.
Dhanyata - Success and fulfilment.
Edha - Sacred.
Eesha - Purity.
Eeshta - Beloved.
Ekantika - Singly focused.
Faloni - In charge.
Fenna - Guardian of peace.
Firaki - Filled with a fragrance.
Gaganadipika - Lamp of the sky.
Gamini - Silent.
Ganika - Flower.
Gayatri - One of the most powerful Sanskrit mantras or hymns.
Geetanjali - A collection of poems, songs, or hymns.
Gunitha - Virtuous.
Haasita - Happy or full of laughter.
Haima - Snow.
Hamsa - Swan.
Hamsanaari - Swan.
Harimanti - Hemant.
Harshini - Full of happiness.
Hema - Golden.
Idha - Insight.
Ihina - Filled with enthusiasm.
Ikshana - Positive view point.
Ilampirai - The one who is like a young crescent.
Josya - Delightfulness.
Komalika - Sensitive.
Raagavi - One who sings with raga.
Raavee - Awesome.
Radhya - Worshipped.
Ravali - God.
Saachi - Grace.
Saahithi - Literature.
Saarika - Koel.
Sameera - The refreshing morning breeze.
Sarojini - A lotus.
Tejaswini - The one who illuminates.
Veena - A traditional Indian musical instrument.

Telugu Baby Boy Names

Aachman - Taking a sip of water before a Yagya or Puja.
Aadavan - Sun.
Aadhav - The ruler.
Aadidev - The first god in Hinduism.
Aadinath - First God.
Aadithya - Sun.
Abhijit - Victorious.
Abhimoda - Ecstasy.
Adhita - Intellectual person.
Agastya - A saint from South India.
Agrata - Leadership.
Ajay - Unconquerable and invincible.
Akshayakeerti - Eternal flame.
Amalendu - Pure like the moon.
Amalesh - The pure one.
Atulya - Unequaled.
Bagyaraj - Lord of luck.
Bahumanya - Honored by many.
Bahula - Star or abundant.
Balachandra - If you wish that your baby.
Baladhi - Deep insight.
Balamurali - A young Krishna playing the flute.
Bhagirath - The name of a king, who brought Goddess Ganga on Earth in the form of the holy river.
Bhalendra - Lord of Light.
Bhargava - Archer or preceptor.
Bhasvan - Full of brightness.
Chaitan - One who is filled with consciousness.
Chakresh - Another name of Lord Vishnu.
Chanakya - The name of the great mentor of Chandragupta Maurya.
Cheliyan - Rich, resourceful, and prosperous.
Chidhatma - Superior soul.
Daarshik - Perceiver.
Daha - One who is very bright or blazing.
Damian - A tamer.
Dayananda - The one who finds joy in performing acts of mercy.
Deepankar - One who lights lamps.
Devakantha - Devotee of God.
Eeshan - A beautiful name for Lord Shiva.
Egaiarasu - Righteous.
Ekadant - An uncommon derivative of the name Ganesh.
Ekagrah - Focused.
Gaganvihari - Stays in heaven.
Gahan - One who has depth.
Gangadatt - Gift of Ganges.
Hansal - God is gracious.
Hanshit - Like honey.
Hansraj - King of Swans.
Hariaksa - Another name for Lord Shiva.
Idhayan - Joy of the heart.
Ihit - Prize or honor.
Jainarayan - Victory.
Kaanishk - Royal vehicle of the Lord Vishnu.
Kailas - One who bestows peace.
Maaksharth - Precious and a part of the mother.
Maadhav - Refers to Krishna, the hero of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.
Madanmohan - One who is attractive and lovable.
Madhukanta - Like the moon.
Nadish - River.
Paawan - Pious.
Pachai - Youthful and resourceful.
Padmabandhu - Friend of the lotus bee.
Palaksh - Refers to Lord Vishnu.
Pushpakar - The name of an Indian season.
Raahithya - One who has a lot of money and riches.
Rabinesh - God.
Saakar - Manifestation of God.
Saathvik - Calm.
Sabal - One who has the strength.
Suresh - Another name for Lord Krishna.
Taarush - Conqueror.
Tahaan - Merciful.
Udyamurthy - Rising sun.
Urijit - Powerful and vigorous.
Yaashvan - Winner.
Yadnya - Holy fire.

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