27 Unique Pretty Girl Names That Mean Fire

Fire-inspired baby names have been very popular these days, and many parents like these passionate sparkling baby names. If you are also interested with names with a little spark, you could consider choosing a fire-inspired name for your little boy or girl. Here comes our selection of 27 unique pretty girl names that mean fire, these unusual girl names come from various origins and cultures, and make good names for your pretty baby girls.

Adara: Hebrew name means "fire."

Adeen: Irish name means "little fire."
Adena: Irish name means "fire."
Aithne: Irish name means "fire."
Anali: Sanskrit name means "fiery, fire."
Ardea: Greek name means "fire."
Azar: Iranian name means "fire."
Blaise: Fire.
Brande: Firebrand.
Calida: Latin name means "fiery."
Candice: Greek name means "sparkling."
Edana: Irish name means "fire."
Ember: Burned coal.
Enya: Irish name means "fire."
Hestia: Greek name means "hearth, fireside."
Ishira: Sanskrit name means "fire."
Kala: Aboriginal for Fire.
Kalama: Hawaiian name means "flaming torch."
Kenna: Irish name means "fire born; good looking."
Kimba: Aboriginal name means "brush fire."
Nina: Quechua name means "fire."
Oriel: German name means "battle fire."
Orinda: Anglo Saxon name means "fire serpent."
Pele: Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, fire, lightning, and dance.
Shula: Arabic name means "flame."
Tandy: Old Norse name means "fire."
Vesta: Goddess of the hearth.

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