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China is an ancient eastern country with history, and Chinese characters have been used as the written script for the Sinitic languages for thousands of years. Chinese personal names are names used by those from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and the Chinese diaspora overseas. Due to China's historical dominance of East Asian culture, many names used in Korea and Vietnam are adaptations of Chinese names, or have historical roots in Chinese, with appropriate adaptation to accommodate linguistic differences. Here we pulled together a list of 200 popular Chinese boy names, and these names are all given names, not surnames. We also provide you the meanings of these names, and you will know what these names meaning if they are translated into English names.

Aiguo: Love country; patriotic.

An: Peace.
Anguo: Protect the country.
Bai: White.
Bingwen: Bright and cultivated.
Bo: Waves.
Bohai: Elder brother sea.
Bojing: Win admiration.
Bolin: Elder brother rain.
Boqin: Win respect.
Changpu: Forever simple.
Chanming: Forever bright.
Chao: Surpassing.
Chaoxiang: Expecting fortune.
Chen: Vast or great.
Cheng: Accomplished.
Chenglei: Become great.
Cheung: Good luck.
Chi: The younger generation.
Chongan: Second brother peace.
Chongkun: Second brother Kunlun mountain.
Chonglin: Second brother unicorn.
Chuanli: Transmitting propriety.
Chung: Intelligent.
Deli: Virtuous.
Deshi: A man of virtue.
Dewei: Highly virtuous.
Da: Attainment.
Dai: Martial arts sword technique.
Delun: Virtuous order.
Deming: Virtue bright.
Dingbang: Protect the country.
Dingxiang: Stability and fortune.
Dong: East; winter.
Donghai: Eastern sea.
Duyi: Independent wholeness.
Enlai: Favor coming.
Fa: Setting off.
Fai: Growth; beginning of fly.
Fang: Honest and upright.
Feng: Sharp blade; wind.
Fengge: Phoenix pavilion.
Fu: Wealthy.
Fuhua: Fortune flourishing.
Gan: Dare; adventure.
Gang: Strength.
Geming: Revolution.
Gen: Root.
Genghis: Just, righteous; true.
Guang: Light.
Guangli: Making propriety bright.
Gui: Honored; noble.
Guiren: Valuing benevolence.
Guoliang: May the country be kind.
Guotin: Polite, firm; strong leader.
Guowei: State preserving.
Guozhi: The state is ordered.
Hai: Sea.
He: River.
Heng: Eternal.
Ho: For the good.
Hong: Great; wild swan.
Honghui: Great splendor.
Hongqi: Red flag.
Hop: Agreeable.
Huan: Happiness.
Huang Fu: Rich future.
Hui: Splendor.
Hulin: People of the Marrim city clan.
Hung: Flood; great.
Huojin: Fire metal.
Jaw-long: Like a dragon.
Jian: Healthy.
Jiang: Yangtze river.
Jianguo: Building the country.
Jianjun: Building the army.
Jianyu: Building the universe.
Jin: Gold.
Jing: Capital city.
Jingguo: Administering the state.
Jinhai: Golden sea.
Jinjing: Gold mirror.
Jun: Truth.
Junjie: Handsome and outstanding.
Kang: Well-being.
Keung: Universe.
Kong: Glorious, sky.
Li: Strength.
Lei: Thunder.
Li: Upright.
Liang: Bright.
Liang: Good, excellent.
Liko: Protected by Buddha.
Ling: Compassion or understanding.
Liu: Flowing.
Liwei: Profit and greatness.
Lok: Happiness.
Longwei: Dragon greatness.

Manchu: Pure.
Ming-hua: Brilliant, elite.
Mingli: Bright propriety.
Ming-tun: Intelligent; heavy.
Minsheng: Voice of the people.
Minzhe: Sensitive and wise.
Nianzu: Thinking of ancestors.
On: Peace.
Park: The cypress tree.
Peng: The bird of legend.
Pengfei: Flight of the roc.
Ping: Stable.
Qi: Enlightenment; wondrous.
Qianfan: Thousand sails.
Qiang: Strong.
Qingshan: Celebrating goodness.
Qingsheng: Celebrating birth.
Qiqang: Enlightenment and strength.
Qiu: Autumn.
Quan: Fresh water spring.
Quon: Bright.
Renshu: Benevolent forbearance.
Rong: Martial.
Ru: Scholar.
Shaoqiang: Strong and profound.
Shilin: Intellectual.
Shan: Mountain.
Shanyuan: Mountain source.
Shen: Cautious; deep.
Shen: Spirit; deep thought.
Shi: Front horizontal bar on carriage or cart.
Shing: Victory.
Shining: World at peace.
Shirong: Scholarly honor.
Shoushan: Longevity mountain.
Shunyuan: Follow to the source.
Siyu: Thinking of the world.
Tao: Great waves.
Tengfei: Soaring high.
Wang: Hope, wish.
Wei: Greatness; impressive might.
Weimin: Bring greatness to the people.
Weisheng: Greatness is born.
Weiyuan: Preserving depth.
Weizhe: Great sage.
Wencheng: Refinement accomplished.
Wenyan: Refined and virtuous.
Wing: Glory.
Wuzhou: Five continents.
Xiang: Circling in air like a bird.
Xianliang: Worthy brightness.
Xiaobo: Little wrestler.
Xiaodan: Little dawn.
Xiaojian: Little healthy.
Xiaosi: Filial thoughts.
Xiaowen: Filial, civil.
Xiasheng: Little birth.
Xin: New.
Xing: Arising.
Xiu: Cultivated.
Xue: Studious.
Xueqin: Snow-white celery.
Xueyou: Studious and friendly.
Yang: Model; pattern.
Yanlin: Swallow forest; Beijing forest.
Yaochuan: Honoring the river.
Yaoting: Honoring the courtyard.
Yaozu: Honoring the ancestors.
Ye: Bright.
Yi: Firm and resolute.
Yingjie: Brave and heroic.
Yingpei: Should admire.
Yong: Brave.
Yongliang: Forever bright.
Yongnian: Eternal years.
Yongrui: Forever lucky.
Yongzheng: Forever upright.
You: Friend.
Yuanjun: Master of the Yuan river.
Yunxu: Cloudy emptiness.
Yusheng: Jade birth.
Zedong: East of the marsh.
Zemin: Favor to the people.
Zenguang: Increasing brightness.
Zhixin: A man of ambition.
Zhiyuan: Ambition.
Zhen: Greatly astonished; shake.
Zhengzhong: Upright and loyal.
Zhensheng: May the government rise.
Zhihuan: Ambitious.
Zhiqiang: The will is strong.
Zhong: Loyal; steadfast.
Zian: Self peace.
Zihao: Son heroic.
Zixin: Self confidence.

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