50 Unique Girl Names That Mean Beautiful

Baby names that mean beautiful are perfect for your little girls, nothing is more important than beautiful for girls even when they grow up. Here comes our selection of 50 unique girl names that mean beautiful in various origins and cultures. These beautiful girl names are not so popular in English language. So if you like unique beautiful girl names, look no more than this list.

Adara: Arabic for Beauty.

Adonia: Greek for "extremely good looking." Feminine of Adonis.
Alika: Nigerian for "Most beautiful."
Ani: Very beautiful.
Aonani: Hawaiian for "beautiful light."
Aryana: Persian for "pretty eastern girl."
Astrid: Norse for "beautiful goddess."
Ayanna: Kiswahili for "beautiful flower."
Belita: Spanish for "little beauty."
Belva: May have a Latin root and mean "beautiful view."
Bonita: Spanish for Pretty.
Bonnie: Scottish for "fine, attractive, pretty."
Calida: Greek, Spanish. "most beautiful."
Calla: Greek for "beautiful."
Charis: Symbols of womanly beauty, charm, and inspiration.
Claribel: Latin for "bright, famous and beautiful."
Cleopatra: A passionate woman of great beauty.
Cliona: In Irish legend, Cliona was one of the three beautiful daughters of the poet Libra.
Cora: A simple, pretty name with an old-fashioned air.
Cosima: Greek for "order, beauty."
Estrid: Norse for "Beautiful goddess."
Evlin: Irish for "radiant, beautiful."
Hasina: Hindi for "beautiful."
Hermosa: Spanish for "beautiful."
Ingrid: Scandinavian for "Ing's beauty."
Jaffa: Hebrew for "beautiful."
Jamille: Beautiful.
Jolie: Cheerful, pretty.

Kanani: Hawaiian for "the beautiful one."
Kaya: Japanese for "the one with the beautiful body, profile."
Kenna: Beautiful or attractive.
Laila: Arabic for "night beauty."
Lata: Hindi for "beautiful vine."
Leila: Arabic for "night beauty."
Lela: Kiswahili for "black beauty."
Lottie: Petite and beautiful.
Mabel: My beautiful one.
Maia: A beautiful nymph and the mother of Hermes, the messenger god.
Maise: Beauty.
Mika: Japanese for "beautiful aroma; beautiful increase."
Naveen: Beautiful.
Nina: A variant of Neena, which is a Hindi name meaning "pretty eyes."
Odara: Beautiful women.
Rana: Arabic for "beautiful, eye-catching."
Randi: Arabic for "beautiful."
Reiko: Japanese for "beautiful; Lovely child."
Sigrid: Norse for "beautiful victory."
Tabitha: beauty and grace or gazelle.
Yara: In Brazilian mythology, Iara was a beautiful goddess with green hair and fair skin.
Zaina: Arabic for "beauty."

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