26 Angelic Names Inspired By Traditional Angels

Angels are usually depicted as having the shape of human beings of extraordinary beauty. Your new born babies are as cute as spiritual angels. When coming up to baby names, it will be great idea to name your little angels with some angelic baby names. Here comes our selection of 26 angelic names inspired by those real traditional angels. Most of these angels have been known to human spirits for a very long time.

Afriel: Angel of youth. Afriel encourages newness and exploration, offering guidance to those who dare new thoughts.

Ariel: Angel of nature. Ariel is among the seven angels who rule the waters. He assists Raphael in the cure of disease.
Cassiel: Angel of temperance. He is one of the rulers of the planet, Saturn, and associated with Saturday. He is also known as the angel of solitude and tears.
Charmeine: Angel of harmony. Charmeine is charged with leading us on the journey to harmony through self-love.
Dina: Angel of learning. Dina is said to be the angel who taught humans how to speak.
Forfax: Angel of astronomy. Forfax gives skill in astronomy and liberal arts and manifests in the form of a heifer.
Gabriel: Angel of messenger. Gabriel fosters joy, truth, justice and love. She grants wisdom in interpreting our dreams and visions.
Gavreel: Angel of peace. Gavreel guides us when we need to make peace with our enemies.
Hadraniel: Angel of love. Hadraniel is the angel assigned as gatekeeper at the second gate in heaven, his mission is to awaken our memory of eternal love.
Jophiel: Angel of enlightenment. Jophiel inspires us toward awareness, enlightenment, open-mindedness and freedom of thought.
Lailah: Angel of conception. Lailah is the angel of the night in Jewish legend.
Manakel: Angel of peace. Manakel protects and guides the animals, fish and plant life that dwell in the sea.
Micah: Angel of miracles. Micah watches over spiritual evolution, seeking every opportunity to reveal God’s Divine Plan and reveal the next steps of our life purpose.
Michael: Angel of loyalty. Michael is an archangel who strengthens the spirit during difficult times or dangerous situations. He is also thought to be the one who gently leads our souls to heaven.
Nathaniel: Angel of fire. He is lord over the element of fire. He is constantly watching for spiritual fires of aspiration rising from earth.
Paschar: Angel of vision. This angel guards the veil between our world and the heavens, between consciousness and unconsciousness, between awareness and illusion.

Ramiel: Angel of thunder. He is considered both a heavenly and fallen angel. This angel is in charge of the souls that come up for judgment on the last day. In the female form she is also regarded as the angel of joy.
Raphael: Angel of healing. Raphael is traditionally known to be extremely healing to all living beings. He grants mortals many gifts, among them joy, love, grace and creativity. He encourages self-motivation in becoming who we are meant to be. He is said to be the friendliest and funniest of all the angels.
Raziel: Angel of mysteries. Raziel inspires us to accept the mystery as a beautiful part of life, so that our minds can shine forth with new and uplifting ideas. He is also known as the angel of knowledge.
Sachael: Angel of water. As an angel who presides over water, we can appeal to this angel for clarity of thought, purity and serenity of heart. This calming angel grants tranquility to our minds and relieves fears and phobias.
Sariel: Angel of guidance. One of the seven archangels, he is responsible for the lot of angels that violate God’s sacred ordinances. Sariel is considered the prince of presence and an angel of healing. This celestial being is associated with the skies and holds dominion over the sun sign, Aries.
Tabbris: Angel of self determination. Tabbris presides over free will, self determination, choice and alternatives. He inspires the ability to see and choose creative alternatives.
Uriel: Angel of creativity. As an archangel, he kindles artistic fires in the mortal heart. Uriel is the patron angel of literature and music.
Zadkiel: Angel of prayer. Zadkiel is an angel of charity, solace and gentleness. He radiates comfort to those who are afraid, wounded or grieving. He guards the powers of invocation.
Zuphlas: Angel of trees. Zuphlas protects and guards forests and trees. He inspires stability, protection, strength and longevity.
Zuriel: Angel of harmony. Zuriel holds dominion over the sun sign of Libra, he encourages us to be more harmonious, sociable and appreciative of beauty.

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