Cute Boy Names And Girl Names Inspired By The Rain

The good rain knows its season. When spring arrives, it comes secretly into the night, and moistens all things softly. Since many parents are looking for weather-inspired baby names for their baby boys and girls, you could consider baby names inspired by the rain. Rain maybe the most popular baby names related to rain, the name Rain has a cool, refreshing image. Richard Pryor named his daughter Rain, and Rain is also one of the nature-named Phoenix family siblings. Brooke Burke called her daughter Heaven Rain. If you want a unique baby name, consider variation forms of Rain: Raine, Raina, Rainn, Rayne, Reine or Reign. Talia and Nasha make good girl names mean rain.

Boy Names Inspired By Rain

Rain: English name means "rain." Variants: Raine, Raina, Rainn, Rayne, Reine or Reign.

Dalfon: Hebrew boy name means "raindrop."
Lokni: Native American name means "rain falling through the roof."
Barsaat: Indian name means "welcome rain."
Hadad: African Syrian boy name means "God of rain and storms."
Idaspati: Indian name means "God of rain."
Iravat: Indian name means "rain clouds."
Mehul: Indian name means "rain."
Neeraj: Indian name means "born in water."
Okoth: African name means "born when it was raining."

Girl Names Inspired By Rain

Talia: Hebrew name means "rain from heaven."

Amaya: Japanese name means "night rain."
Nasha: African name means "born during rainy season."
Barkha: Indian name means "rain."
Tal: Hebrew name means "rain, dew."
Kisha: Slavic name means "rainfall."
Barsha: Indian name means "rain."
Hafa: Muslim name means "gentle rain."
Indra: Hindu name means "God of rain and thunder."
Kecia: Indian name means "beautiful rain."
Lluvia: Spanish name means "rain."
Marka: African name means "steady rain."
Megha: Indian name means "rain."
Meha: Indian name means "rain."
Neha: Indian name means "rain, eyes."
Himavarsha: Indian name means "snow rain."
Pravarsha: Hindu name means "rain."
Rehaam: Muslim name means "rain drops."
Sraboni: Hindu name means "rain."
Varsha: Hindu name means "rain."
Varshini: Hindu name means "Goddess of rain."
Varunika: Indian name means "Goddess of rain."
Vrishti: Indian name means "rain."
Vrushti: Indian name means "heavy rain."

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