Unique French Boy Names With Great Meanings

France is a beautiful country in Western Europe, its capital Paris is famed for its fashion houses, classic art museums, and monuments like the Eiffel Tower. The country is also renowned for its wines and sophisticated cuisine. Boy names of French origin are romantic and unique, with its own special appeal. Here comes our selection of over 70 French boy names with great meanings, we believe you will find your favorite names here.

Alain: Handsome.

Ames: Friend.
Amou: Eagle wolf.
Andre: Manly.
Ansel: God's protection.
Arnaud: Powerful Eagle.
Artus: Noble.
Aubrey: Bearlike.
Aurelien: Golden.
Bailey: Administrator.
Basile: Kingly.
Bay: Auburn haired.
Beau: Handsome.
Bruce: Woods.
Carel: Strong.
Chevy: Horseman or knight.
Coyan: Modest.
Dariel: Little darling.
Davet: Beloved.
Dax: Water.
Delano: Nut tree.
Denis: God of wine.
Destin: Fate.
Edgard: Lucky spearman.
Forrest: Woodsman.
Garlen: Wreath or prize.
Garnell: Keeper of grain.
Gaspar: Treasurer.
Gautier: Woodsman.
Gilles: Shield bearer.
Grosvenor: Great hunter.
Henri: Ruler of the enclosure.
Herve: Army warrior.
Iven: Little archer.
Jasper: Treasurer.
Jerard: Mighty with a spear.
Lamar: Of the sea.
Leonce: Brave as a lion.
Leron: The circle.
Lionel: Young lion.
Lowe: Little wolf.
Luc: Bringer of light.
Lyle: From the island.

Marcel: Warlike.
Mason: Stone worker.
Maxime: Most excellent.
Merle: Falcon.
Neville: New village.
Nichol: Victory of the people.
Noe: Rest or comfort.
Norris: Northerner.
Orvil: Golden village.
Pascal: Born on Easter.
Perrin: Rock.
Phillipe: Lover of horses.
Pierre: Rock.
Remy: Rower.
Renaud: Wise power.
Rene: Reborn.
Roi: King.
Roslin: Red haired.
Roy: King.
Royce: Kingly.
Russ: Red haired.
Saber: Sword.
Tristian: Bold.
Tyce: Fiery.
Tyson: Firebrand.
Vallis: A Welshman.
Vardon: From the green hill.
Vidal: Life.
Wyatt: Little warrior.
Yves: Archer.

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