30 Stormy Baby Names That Mean Thunder

Weather is the speech of the nature. From breeze, rain to thunder and storm, they are all gifts of the nature. When coming up to weather-inspired baby names, you could name your little boys or girls after names meaning thunder or storm. Here comes our selection of 30 stormy baby names that mean thunder in various origins and cultures. Thor may be the most popular boy name meaning thunder, due to the Mavel superhero with the same name, which comes from the powerful name of the Norse god of thunder.

Boy Names Meaning Thunder

Thor: Scandinavia name means "thunder." Variants: Thorian, Thorin, Thorsson, Thour.

Barak: Hebrew name means "flash of lightning."
Bronta: Greek name means "thunder."
Donar: Denmark name means "god of thunder."
Keme: Native American name means "thunder."
Raiden: Japenese name means "the thunder God." Variants: Raidon, Raidyn.
Taren: Welsh name means "thunder." Variants: Tarran, Tarrant, Taryn.
Terrell: England name means "thunder ruler." Variant: Terril.
Tirell: English name means "thunder ruler."
Tor: Norway name means "the god of thunder." Variant: Tore.
Torben: Denmark name means "thunder bearer."
Torbord: Sweden name means "thunder bear." Variant: Torbiorn.
Tormey: irish name means "thunder spirit." Variants: Tormod, Tormaigh.
Tyrell: English name means "thunder ruler."
Tarleton: English name means "from the thunder estate."
Thoraldtun: English name means "from the thunder estate."
Thorfinn: Norway name means "thunder finn."
Ahomana: Polynesia name means "thunder."
Bedagi: American name means "big thunder."
Boanerges: Israel name means "son of thunder."
Nashashuk: American name means "loud thunder."
Raamah: Israel name means "thunder and greatness."

Girl Names Meaning Thunder

Thora: Scandinavia name means "thunder."

Taima: American name means "loud thunder."
Tama: Native American name means "thunder."
Sorine: Denmark name means "thunder God."
Indira: Indian name means "god of thunder and heaven."
Indra: Indian name means "god of thunder and rain."
Nariko: Japanese name means "thunder."
Raamiah: Israel name means "evil or thunder from the."
Seaiga: African name means "thunderbolt lightning."

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