178 Ethiopian Amharic Girl Names With Great Meanings

Amharic is the second-most widely spoken Semitic language in the world after Arabic, it is spoken as a mother tongue by the Amhara in Ethiopia. The language serves as the official working language of Ethiopia. Here comes our selection of 178 Ethiopian Amharic girl names with great meanings, these names are of Amharic origin and they make good names for your pretty baby girls.

Abeba: Flower.

Aberash: Shining.
Abrinet: She emanates light.
Addis: New.
Adey: Ethiopian daisy, meskel flower.
Adina: She has saved.
Admas: New world, horizon.
Adowa: Noble.
Adwa: Ethiopian town.
Agar: Collaborator.
Agere: My country.
Aida: Ethiopian princess.
Alem: World.
Almaz: Diamond.
Amara: Paradise.
Amaresh: You are beautiful.
Amina: Trustworthy, faithful, honest.
Amira: A princess.
Andinet: Unity.
Andromeda: Ethiopian princess.
Anisa: A pious-hearted lady, good-natured.
Areg: Vine.
Armani: Faith.
Asha: Seek, want, need.
Aster: Esther, star.
Atkelt: New plant.
Ayana: Beautiful flower.
Ayelech: She became powerful, she predominated.
Ayne: My eye.
Aysha: Woman, life, alive.
Azeb: South, south-west.
Aziza: Gorgeous, esteemed.
Azmera: A crop, a harvest.
Bedelwa: With her luck.
Bekelech: She grew, she flourished, she germinated.
Belen: The apple of the eye.
Berhan: Light.
Berhane: My light.
Beritu: The silver, the money.
Berknesh: You are precious, you are rare.
Bertukan: Orange.
Besrat: Good news.
Bethel: House of god.
Bezawit: The savior.
Bezu: Many, much, numerous.
Biftu: Dawn.
Bilen: Iris.
Birkeye: Precious.
Bogalech: She flared.
Candace: Brilliantly white, clarity, whiteness. ethiopian queen name.
Chereka: Moon.
Debab: Excitement.
Deborha: The bee.
Derartu: Winner.
Desta: Joy, happy.
Dinha: Vindicated, judgement.
Dorcas: Doe, gazelle.
Eddel: Luck, destiny.
Edna: Renewal.
Ehete: My sister.
Elene: Light.
Emebet: Lady of the house.
Emerta: First step towards something big, a clue to something good. potential, improvement..
Emnet: Believe, faith.
Enguday: A mushroom.
Enjori: Elderberry.
Enku: Pearl, a precious stone, a piece of jewelry.
Ennat: A mother.
Ergeb: A pigeon, a turtle dove.
Eschetu: Brave warrior.
Etalem: Sister of the world.
Etef: Double.
Ewnet: Truly, true, truth.
Fana: Light, bright, hope.
Fasika: Easter.
Fekr: Love, affection.
Felagot: My desire.
Felege: Wanted.
Feven: Bright, radiant.
Fozia: The effort it takes to follow the route to victory.
Freole: Above everyone.
Frezer: Fertile.
Gadise: Shield, shelter.
Gete: My jewel.
Getu: His jewel.
Gize: Time.

Habiba: Beloved.
Habtam: Rich, wealthy.
Habte: Present of, riches of, wealth of, treasure of.
Hagere: My country, my nation, my land.
Hamere: Beautiful color.
Hamrawit: Pink, purple.
Haset: Joy.
Hawa: Longing.
Henok: Experienced, consecrated.
Herat: Good, excellent.
Herit: Elect, chosen.
Hermona: In to the palace. sacred mountain.
Hirut: Kindness, goodness, excellence, integrity.
Hosanna: Joy, glory.
Ibsitu: Light.
Ifrah: She is happy, she brings joy.
Jalene: We loved.
Kiya: Mine.
Kokeb: A star.
Kokebe: My star.
Konjit: Beautiful, pretty.
Lakech: She excelled, she became pre-eminent.
Layla: Another, my other daughter born at night.
Leila: Tulip.
Lelo: Grace.
Lelt: A princess.
Lemlem: Blossom.
Lia: Bringer of the gospel.
Lielit: Princess.
Lishan: Award, medal.
Liyou: Different, unique.
Lomi: Lemon.
Luam: Peaceful, calm.
Lulit: Jewel, pearl.
Makeda: Ethiopian queen sheba. high tower, beautiful arm-rest.
Maleda: Early morning. time before daylight.
Maraki: Attractive, captivating.
Marda: Necklace made with silver beads.
Mare: My honey.
Maryam: Mary. virgin mother of christ.
Meaza: Fragrance, aroma, odor.
Mebrat: A light, a lamp.
Melat: Purple, scarlet. fine linen.
Melk: Image. appearance.
Melkam: Good, nice.
Melke: My image.
Menen: Grace. ethiopian empress.
Meskerem: Spring, september.
Mesrak: East, orient.
Mirabe: West.
Miriam: Much longed for.
Misgana: Thankful.
Mizan: A balance.
Mulu: Whole, complete, full.
Muna: Faithful, steady.
Munaye: My pretty one.
Munit: Pretty little girl.
Nesanet: Freedom.
Neshat: Purity.
Nigat: Dawn.
Nigist: Queen.
Raey: Revelation, vision.
Rekik: Fine, pure.
Saba: Queen of ethiopia.
Safiya: Pure and wise.
Saida: Happy.
Sara: A princess.
Sebel: Crop.
Seble: Harvest.
Sedey: The spring, harvest season.
Sedu: Clean.
Sega: Grace, favor.
Segereda: A rose, a flower.
Sehay: Sun.
Selam: Peace.
Semen: North.
Semret: Success.
Sitota: Gift.
Taitu: The sun.
Tebeb: Wisdom.
Teru: Good.
Webay: Beautiful.
Webete: My beauty.
Webit: Beautiful, pretty, gorgeous.
Wengel: Gospel.
Werk: Gold.
Wubete: Beauty.
Zema: Religious song.
Zena: News or fame.
Zenha: Beauty.
Zoma: Silky, thick hair.
Zufan: Throne.

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