35 Natural Baby Names Inspired by 4 Elements

Nature is a great source for baby names, and natural baby names are an increasingly popular options for boys or girls. It is said that there's a family had 4 children named after the astrological 4 elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. I think it's a really crazy but exciting idea, each child had a element-themed name. If you also like element-inspired baby names, check out our pick of 35 4 element baby names inspired by Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

Earth Element Names

Adam - Hebrew name means "red earth."

Clay - English name means "of the earth."
Demeter - Greek name means "lover of the earth." Demeter is the Mythological Greek Goddess of Corn and Harvest.
Eden - Hebrew name means "earthly paradise."
Gaia - Greek name means "the earth." Mythological womanly personification of the earth and mother of the titans.
George - English name means "farm, earth worker."
Hermione - Greek name means "earthy."
Terra - Italian name means "earth." In Roman mythology, Terra was the Roman earth goddess equivalent to the Greek Gaia.
Zola - Latin name means "earth."

Water Element Names

Aqua - Aqua is Latin for water, and it is also used as the name for the green-blue color.
Brooke - Variant of Brook, which means "small stream". Chynna Phillips added an "e" to name her daughter, and this becomes the most popular spelling.
Hali - Hali is Greek for "sea", in Biblical it also means a precious stone, and it can be an alternate to Halle.
Maya - Maya means "water" in Hebrew.
Nixie - In old mythology, Nixie is the name of a water nymph and it means "little water sprite."
Moss - Hebrew male name meaning "drawn out of the water.
Rydia - Greek female name meaning "rose pettles on still water."
Dax - English name meaning “water”.

Fire Element Names

Aidan - Gaelic boy name means "little fire."

Enya - The name Enya means "little fire" in Celtic or Gaelic language, which comes from the ever popular name Aidan.
Seraphina - A stunning name taken from Hebrew word seraphim, which means "burning ones."
Fia - Shorted form of Fiammetta, an attractive Italian name means "flame, little fiery one, a flickering fire."
Loki - In Norse legend Loki was a trickster god associated with magic and fire.
Ember - Ember is an English nature name meaning "spark, burning low, hot ashes." This beautiful girl name brings you the image of a warm family campfire.
Kenna - Kenna is a unisex name means "fire born; good-looking."
Pele - In Hawaiian culture, Pele is the goddess of volcanoes and fire.
Ken - Gaelic boy name means "born of fire."
Orion - Greek boy name means "son of fire."

Air Element Names

Aquilo - Greek name means "north wind."
Aira - American name means "of the wind."
Boreas - Greek name means "the north wind."
Brisa - Spanish name means "breeze."
Keith - Gaelic name means "wind" or "wood."
Solana - Latin name means "wind from the east."
Tadi - American name means "wind."
Zephyr - Greek name means "of the west wind."

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