10 Unique But Appealing Baby Names In America

If you are looking for some appealing but unusual baby names, you may be interested in this list. Most of these rare names are creative spelling variations of popular names, or international names largely unknown in America, and they are given to just five babies in the U.S. in the most recent years. Moreover, each of the name has a wonderful meaning and deep history.

Amyas: Amyas is a Latin origin boy's name, the meaning of the name is: Loves God; Loved. Sometimes Amyas is considered as a masculine variant of Amy, it is also an anglicized version of Amadeus.

Baird: Baird is a boy's nam of Gaelic, Scottish and Irish origin, and the meaning is "poet, one who sings ballads". Baird comes from the English word "Bard", this brings to mind Shakespeare and other literary lights.
Calixta: Calixta is a girl name of Greek origin, and the meaning of Calixta is "most beautiful". It is a character in American literature Kate Chopin's work The Storm.
Christo: Christo is a boy or girl name, and the meaning of Christo is "follower of Christ". It is a variant of Christian, which comes from Latin Christianus.
Clementina: Clementina is a girl's name, and the meaning of Clementina is "mercy; merciful". It is a variant of Latin Clemence or Clementine.
Frederica: Frederica is a girl's name of Old German origin, and the meaning of Frederica is "peaceful ruler". It is the Latinate feminine form of Frederick, which is the name of a queen of Norway.
Inigo: Inigo is a boy's name of English, Spanish and Latin origin, the meaning of the name Inigo is "Fiery". Inigo is an intriguing name choice with creative sound, and it is almost unknown in the U.S. It is associated with the great British architect and stage designer Inigo Jones.
Letitia: Letitia is a girl's name of Latin origin, and the meaning of Latitia is "joyful; happy". It is often used in Spanish-speaking families, today it still makes an attractive, delicate choice.
Sunniva: Sunniva is a girl's name of Anglo-Saxon origin, and the meaning of Sunniva is "Gift of the sun". Sunniva is the patron saint of Western Norway, and her name makes a fascinating and unusual choice for a modern baby girl.
Wyn: Wyn is a Welsh origin name can be for both boy and girl, in Welsh the meaning of the name Wyn is "handsome; fair, pure". It is a variant of Wynne, and it can also be spelled Wynn.

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