10 Unusual Girl Names Inspired By Water

Water is often associated with women, they are both soft and clean. So it is a good idea to choose some water-related names for your little daughters. There are lots of fabulous water names to choose from, including river names, ocean names and names mean water.

Aqua: Aqua is Latin for water, and it is also used as the name for the green-blue color.

Brooke: Variant of Brook, which means "small stream". Chynna Phillips added an "e" to name her daughter, and this becomes the most popular spelling.
Darya: Darya is a royal Persian origin girl name, in Persian it means "of the sea; Preserver".
Hali: Hali is Greek for "sea", in Biblicalit also means a precious stone, and it can be an alternate to Halle.
Marilla: Marilla is a beautiful name, in Latin it means "shining sea".
Maya: Maya means "water" in Hebrew. It also means "Daughter of Atlas" in Latin.
Mira: Mira means "ocean" in Sanskrit, and it means "A mythical princess" in Indian.
Nixie: In old mythology, Nixie is the name of a water nymph and it means "little water sprite".
Raina: Raina is a variation of Rain, it means "strong".
Talise: Talise is of Native American origin and means "lovely water".

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