105 Sweet Baby Girl Names That Are Cute and Beautiful

Having a little princess is a blissful thing, and the very important thing is to have a brand new baby name for her. Here comes a collection of 105 girl names that are sweet, cute, and beautiful. These sweet names are unique, and they come from various origins in the world.

Aadhya: Another name for the Indian goddess Durga.

Aahana: The first rays of the sun.
Aanya: Indian name means grace.
Abhirupa: A beautiful woman.
Afreen: Arabic name means "friendly and beautiful."
Alak: Someone with beautiful hair.
Amal: Pure.
Amelia: Someone who is beautiful and trustworthy.
Anandi: One who is full of joy.
Ananya: Unique.
Anaya: An answer to your prayers.
Anika: Grace and beauty.
Avani: The mother earth in the Indian mythology.
Ayanna: Innocent.
Ayushi: Hindu name means "a long life."
Azalea: A beautiful pink flower.
Baruni: A very rare and uncommon word that is used to address the Indian goddess Durga.
Bhanu: The word is used to refer to the sun. It is also another word for fame.
Bhuwana: Sanskrit name means "being."
Charvi: Indian name means "beautiful."
Daanya: Beautiful, gift of god.
Dahlia: A bunch of single beautiful flowers on a valley.
Daisy: The beautiful white flower which is a flowering spring plant.
Deepika: Sanskrit name means "the light from a lamp."
Dhaani: Green.
Dhwani: A beautiful name which means sound.
Enna: Light.
Eva: English name means "to breathe; life."
Faria: Someone who is kind, loving and beautiful.
Guleen: Someone with a beautiful smile.
Hansa: Swan.
Ila: Earth.
Ira: The goddess of learning, Saraswati.
Ishu: Angel, one who has is beautiful and lovely.
Jasmine: The beautiful and fresh smelling flowers known for their enchanting fragrance.
Kahea: Hawaiian name means "heaven's call."
Kaira: Princess.
Kankana: Indian name means "a bangle."
Karuna: Someone who is kind or merciful.
Kavini: Sanskrit name means "someone who writes beautiful poems."
Kayal: Tamil name means "eyes that are very beautiful, someone who loves others."
Kirat: Someone who recites beautifully.
Kusum: Indian name means "a budding flower."
Kyra: The sun.
Lilac: One of the most beautiful flowering bunches.
Lily: Beautiful and big flowering plant has some striking colors and strong petals, known for its regalia and elegant look.
Lochana: Sanskrit name means "eyes."
Maliha: Someone who has a very attractive personality.
Manasa: Sanskrit name means "thoughts."
Maria: Arabic name means "beloved."
Megha: Clouds.
Meghana: Clouds.
Mila: Greek name means pleasant or friendly.
Monica: Common Indian name means "a counselor and wise one."
Mukti: Hindi name means "freedom."
Myra: Greek name means "fragrance of a flower with the same name; someone who is extraordinary."

Najmah: The name of a beautiful star.
Namana: One who is humble.
Nandini: A holy cow.
Nandita: Sanskrit name means "being happy."
Neharika: The fresh morning dew.
Nesara: Sun.
Nethra: Sanskrit name means "the eyes."
Nidhi: Indian name means "wealth."
Nirupama: Sanskrit name means someone who is beyond comparison, who is unique.
Nirvana: Indian name means "a state of bliss and complete spiritual fulfillment."
Nisarga: Nature.
Nutan: Traditional Indian name means "new."
Nutana: Traditional Indian name means "new."
Opal: Sanskrit name means gem.
Oviya: A beautiful painting.
Paavan: Hindi name means "pure."
Paavni: Hindi name means "someone who purifies."
Pankhuri: Indian name means "flower petal."
Pearl: Beautiful and rare stone that is found in the deep oceans.
Poz: Short and beautiful name means peace.
Pratibha: Glory, talent.
Prisha: A gift from god.
Qirat: Someone who recites beautifully.
Rachana: Creation.
Rose: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
Ruchika: Who is highly desirable.
Saadhwi: Indian name means "a powerful woman."
Saanvi: Another name to refer to the goddess Lakshmi.
Sabita: The beautiful sunshine.
Saida: Unmatched.
Sapphire: A beautiful yellow precious stone.
Sara: Hebrew name means princess.
Savita: The beautiful sunshine.
Sejal: Flowing river water.
Shakti: Power.
Shasmeen: Arabic name means "someone who has a heart of gold and can be trusted."
Siri: Beautiful victory.
Snigdha: Sanskrit name means "something gentle, pure and nice."
Sreejata: Someone who is the best.
Sucheta: Person who has "an alert and beautiful mind."
Swara: Sanskrit name means "music."
Swarna: Gold, something that glows.
Tara: Religious reference to the goddess Tara from the Hindu mythology, also another name in Hindi for "star."
Ujwala: Someone who is bright and shining.
Uma: Common name used as a reference to goddess Parvati.
Unnathi: Sanskrit name means "success and growth."
Vani: Indian name means "speech."
Vishali: Someone who is very giving and loving.
Zinnia: Beautiful multi-colored small flowers.

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