Wise Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
AlvyIntelligent Or NobleMale
AmeliaDefender ANSELMAFemale
AnouarThe Brightness.Male
ArdalIntelligent Or NobleMale
AreebahWitty; SmartFemale
AthenaGoddess Of Wisdom And Warfare.Female
AubertaFeminine Variant Of Albert.Female
AubreyBlond RulerMale
AudricOld Or Wise RulerMale
AyahSign; DistinctFemale
BardolphAx WolfMale
BardulfAx WolfMale
BeircheartIntelligent ArmyMale
BellUnisexual Name Meaning "Beauty."Female
BellaDevoted To GodFemale
BelleFair: Lovely One.Female
BeltranBright RavenMale
BenjaminSon Of The Right Hand. In The Bible The Patriarch Jacob's Twelfth And Most Beloved Son.Male
BeorhthramBright RavenMale
BeortbtraedBright CounselorFemale

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