Ancient Baby Names, Page 10

Baby NameMeaningGender
DeniseFeminine Form Of Denys (Named For The God Of Wine)Female
DeonAbbreviation Of Dionysius.Male
DesmondFrom South MunsterMale
DevaDivine; Myth Name. DEVIFemale
DinahAvenged Or Judged And Vindicated. In The Bible Dinah Was Jacob's Only Daughter.Female
DiomedesMyth Name (An Evil King)Male
DioneFrom The Sacred Spring. The Mythological Dione Was Wife To Zeus And Mother Of Aphrodite.Female
DirceMyth Name (Killed For Abusing Children)Female
DominicaOf The Lord.Female
DorianDescendant Of Dorus. Dorian Was A Character In Oscar Wilde's Novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray Who Was Given His Wish That His Portrait Would Age While He Remained Young And Handsome.Male
DorisOf The SeaFemale
DorotheaDanish Form Of Dorothy (God's Gift)Female
EgeriaMyth Name (A Water Nymph)Female
EileithyiaMyth Name (Goddess Of Childbirth)Female
ElaineMother Of LancelotFemale
ElishaAbbreviation Of Elisabeth.Female
ElliDevoted To GodFemale
ElpenorMyth Name (One Of Odysseus's Men)Male
EmmettMale Variant Of Emma: A Premedieval Girl's Given Name.Male
EndymionMyth Name (A Shepherd)Male
EnyoMyth Name (Goddess Of War)Female

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