Ancient Baby Names, Page 8

Baby NameMeaningGender
CelsusName Of A SaintMale
CepheusMyth Name (Father Of Andromeda)Male
CeyxMyth Name (Husband Of Alcyone)Male
CharisBlend Of Cherie And Cerise. Dear One: DarlingFemale
CharonMyth Name (Ferryman Across The River Styx)Male
ChioneDaughter Of The Nile.Female
ChlorisMyth Name (Goddess Of Spring)Female
ChryseisMyth Name (Prisoner Of Agamemnon)Female
ChrysesMyth Name (A Priest Of Apollo)Male
CinyrasMyth Name (Founded The Cult Of Aphrodite)Female
CirceAccording To Greek Mythology, This African Witch Transformed The Greek Troops Of Odysseus Into Swine.The Classical Greek Pronunciation Of Her Name Is KEAR-Kay.Female
ClancyRuddy WarriorMale
CleonFrom The CliffMale
ClymeneMyth Name (Mother Of Atalanta)Female
CorneliusStrong Willed Or WiseMale
CorydonReady To FightMale
Cosmo"Order, Universe."Male
CreusaMyth Name (Daughter Of Erechteus)Female
CrispinaA Female Name Meaning "Curly Haired."Female
CtesippusMyth Name (One Of Penelope's Suitors)Male

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