Adelaide: Meaning of baby name Adelaide

Pronunciation: [A-de-laide]

Gender of Adelaide: Female

Meaning of Adelaide: Sweet Or Noble

Origin of Adelaide: German

Noble kind. Also a city in South Australia.

Variant Forms:

AdaIbo Of Nigeria Name For Firstborn Females.FemaleAfrican
AddieVariant Of Adela.FemaleFrench
AdelaGood HumorFemaleFrench
AdelinaOf The Nobility. Noble. Variant Of Adela.FemaleFrench
AdelineSweet: Of The Nobility. Noble.FemaleGerman
AdiMyth Name (A Form Of Vasishtha)MaleIndian
DelSurname Prefix Meaning Of The. Also Used As An Independent Name And An Abbreviation Of Names Beginning With Del-.MaleFrench
DeliaFrom DelosFemaleRomanian
DellaBright. Noble.FemaleGerman
ElkeNoble. Variant Of Alice.FemaleGerman
HeidiDiminutive Of Adelheid, "Little Miss," And Adelaide, "Noble."FemaleSwiss

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