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Baby Names and Meanings It is not easy to find the perfect baby name for your new child, will help you to do that because we features over 19,000 baby names. It is a perfect place to pick up a baby name for boys and girls. You can check out the whole list with the meaning, origin and gender of the name, you can also select the first letter of the baby name you are looking for.

Baby NameMeaningGender
NevinWorships The SaintsMale
NevishBreath Of God.Female
NewellFrom The New HallMale
NewlandLives On The New LandMale
NewlinFrom The New SpringMale
NewlynFrom The New SpringMale
NewtonFrom The New FarmMale
NexeuMeaning UnknownMale
NezahualcoyotlFasting Coyote; Also Name Of A Texcoco KingMale
NezahualpilliA Prince Who Fasts; Also Name Of A Texcoco KingMale
NgaioLight Reflecting On WaterFemale
NgocJade, Precious StoneFemale
Ngoc BichSapphire JadeFemale
NguDepending On Pronunciation, Stupid; To Sleep; Fisherman; Fifth Number; Written Language.Female
NhatLong Life; Also, Number One.Male
NhuGentle, PeacefulFemale
NiaDerived From Abbreviation Of Names With -Nia Ending.Female
NiabiOsage Name Meaning "Fawn."Female
NiaireOne Who Is Self Oriented.Female
NicPeople Of VictoryMale
NicanorVictorious ArmyMale
NicanoraVictorious ArmyFemale
NicheleBlend Of Nichole And Michelle.Female
NicholFeminine Of Nicholas People's Victory.Female
NicholasPeople's VictoryMale
NicholeFeminine Of Nicholas People's Victory.Female
NicholetteAlternate Spelling: Nicolette.Female
NiciaFeminine Form Of Nicholas (People's Victory)Female
NickAbbreviation Of Nicholas. Mythological Nike Was Greek Goddess Of Victory And Root Origin Of Nicholas.Male

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