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Baby Names and Meanings It is not easy to find the perfect baby name for your new child, will help you to do that because we features over 19,000 baby names. It is a perfect place to pick up a baby name for boys and girls. You can check out the whole list with the meaning, origin and gender of the name, you can also select the first letter of the baby name you are looking for.

Baby NameMeaningGender
FeldaFrom The FieldFemale
FeldingLives In The FieldMale
FeldonFrom The Field EstateMale
FeldtunFrom The Field EstateMale
FeldunFrom The Field EstateMale
FeleciaVariant Of Felicia HappyFemale
FeliciaGreat HappinessFemale
FelicienneGreat HappinessFemale
FelicitaHappy. Feminine Of Felix.Female
FelicitasHappy. Feminine Of Felix.Female
Feliciti"Great Happiness, Derived From Feliz In Feliz Navid."Female
FelicityGreat HappinessFemale
FelipeSpanish Form Of Phillip Loves HorsesMale
FelippeVariant Of Philip.Male
FelixName Of A SaintMale
FellahArabian JasmineFemale
FeltonFrom The Field EstateMale
FembarLiberian Name. Meaning Unknown.Female
FenFragrant; Sweet SmellingFemale
FenellaOf The White ShouldersFemale
FeniceMeaning UnknownFemale
FentonFrom The Farm On The FensMale
FenukuBorn LateMale
FeodoraGod Given.Female
FerarFlight, EscapeMale
FercharMyth Name (Son Of Uisnech)Male
FercosLegend Name (Son Of Poch) FFLAMMale
FerdiadMeaning UnknownMale
FereharMythical Son Of UisneehMale

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