Beautiful Girl Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
BellaDevoted To GodFemale
BelleFair: Lovely One.Female
BelvaBeautiful View.Female
BlairChild Of The FieldsMale
BonitaPretty Little One.Female
BranwenDaughter Of LlyrFemale
BrielleHill. Also Variant Of Brina And Breanna.Female
BrookeLives By The StreamMale
CalanthaLovely BlossomFemale
CalidaThe Most BeautifulFemale
CalliopeMyth Name (Muse Of Epic Poetry)Female
CambriaMyth NameFemale
CamilaFree-Born: Noble. Variant Of CamillaFemale
CamillaFree-Born: Noble. Variant Of CamillaFemale
CamilleVariant Of The Flower Name Camelia.Female
CaoimheLovely And CharmingFemale
CarolineFeminine Of Carl: Joy: Song Of Happiness. Feminine Variant Of Charles Meaning ManlyFemale
CarterDrives A CartMale

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