Bolivian Baby Names, The Most Popular Names In Bolivia

Bolivian Baby NamesBolivia is a landlocked country located in western-central South America. Before Spanish colonization, the Andean region of Bolivia was part of the Inca Empire, while the northern and eastern lowlands were inhabited by independent tribes. Spanish is the official and predominant language, although 36 indigenous languages also have official status, of which the most commonly spoken are Guarani, Aymara and Quechua languages. Here comes our collection of Bolivian baby names, these names are the most popular boy names and girl names in Bolivia. Check out the below list and select your favorite names for your babies of Bolivian heritage.

Baby NameMeaningGender
Abigail"Father Rejoices."Some Variants Include Abagail, Abaigeal, Abbey, Abbie, And Abby. Diminutive, Gail, Also Exists.Female
Adin"Slender And Delicate." Variants Include Adina And Adeana.Female
AlbertoNoble: Bright.Male
AlejandraDefender Of Mankind. Feminine Of Alexander.Female
AlejandroDefends Mankind. Spanish Form Of Alexander.Male
AlexandraDefender Of Mankind. Feminine Of Alexander.Female
AlexandreNephew Of King Mark (Twelfth Century)Male
AlexiHelper: Defender. Variation Of Alexander.Female
AliaPrincess Of The Academics.Female
AlinRock; ComelyMale
AlisBrother Of CligesMale
AlisonDiminutive Form Of Old German Alice, "Woman Of Noble Estate."Variants Include Aili, Alisann, Alisanne, Alisoun, Alisun, Allcen, Allcenne, Allicen, Allicenne, Allie, Allisann, Allisanne, Allison, Allisoun, Allsun, Ally, Allysann, Allysanne, AllyFemale
AmielOf The Lord's PeopleMale
AnayaIbo Of Eastern Nigeria Name Meaning "Look Up To God."Female
AndersonSon Of AnderMale
AndreManly: Brave. Variant Of English Andrew.Male
AndreaFeminine Form Of Andrew ManlyFemale
AndresManly: Brave. Variant Of English Andrew.Male
AngelaMessenger From God; AngelFemale

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