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Baby NameMeaningGender
EddyAbbreviation Of Names Beginning With Ed- Like Edward And Edmond.Male
EdgarLucky SpearmanMale
Edith"Joyous."Some Variants Are Edit, Edita, Editha, Edyt, And Edyth.Female
EdselFrom Ed's HallMale
EilaVariant Of Evelyn.Female
EileenLight Variant Of Evelyn.Female
EleanorShining Light. Variant Of Helen.Female
ElenaShining Light. Variant Of Helen.Female
EliAscended Or My God. The Biblical High Priest Eli Judged Israel For 40 Years And Instructed The Young Samuel.Male
ElijahJehovah Is GodMale
ElisabethConsecrated To GodFemale
EllieAbbreviation Of Eleanor And Ellen.Female
ElliottVariant Of Elijah My God Is Jehovah.Male
EltonFrom The Old TownMale
EmeraldThe Prized Green Emerald Gemstone.Female
EmeryBrave: Powerful. Variant Of Amory.Male
Emily"Industrious, Eager"Female
EmmaWhole: Complete. UniversalFemale
EmmalineHardworking. Variant Of Emily.Female
EmmelineIndustrious Hardworking. Variant Of Emily.Female
Erica"Regal, Queenlike. Variant Of Erika."Female

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