Earth Girl Names, Page 13

Baby NameMeaningGender
DelmonOf The Mountain.Male
DelphineA Thirteenth-Century French Saint.Female
DeltaBorn FourthFemale
DeltonFrom The Town In The Valley.Male
DemelzaFortified. A Place Name In Cornwall.Female
DemetriaMyth Name (Goddess Of The Harvest)Female
DemetriusGift From DemeterMale
DenbyFrom The Danish SettlementMale
DenleyFrom The Valley MeadowMale
DenverVariant Of The Surname Danvers Meaning From Anvers. Capital City Of The State Of Colorado In The USA.Male
DenzelA Place-Name In Cornwall.Male
DerryOak Grove. Surname.Male
DesmondFrom South MunsterMale
DeverellSurnames Derived From Place Name Deverel.Male
DevonThe Name Of A Beautiful Farming County In England.Female
DeweyPlace-Name And Surname: Welsh Form Of David.Male
DharaniMyth Name (Earth)Female
DixieAbbreviation Of Richard. In The USA Dixie Refers To The French Word For Ten: Also To The Southern States Below The Mason- Dixon Line.Female
DoaneFrom The Down HillMale
DorianDescendant Of Dorus. Dorian Was A Character In Oscar Wilde's Novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray Who Was Given His Wish That His Portrait Would Age While He Remained Young And Handsome.Male
DorisOf The SeaFemale
DorseyDark. Variant Of Darcy.Female
DouglasDwells By The Dark StreamMale
DrydenFrom The Dry ValleyMale

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